When Muslims try to be funny…

What a knee slapper.

If this is what they are like doing stand up, imagine Islamic slapstick.


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6 Responses to When Muslims try to be funny…

  1. Softly Bob says:

    Ha, ha hilarious. He was even wearing a comedy fake bald-head , comedy glasses and a false beard…..
    oh no, wait a minute.. he looks like this normally

  2. What a dickless little turd (pardon my French).

  3. wtd2 says:

    Referring to ‘wives’ & ‘sisters’ interchangably . . .very telling. Islam results in inbred morons.

  4. Chris.Curran"Bonnie"Scotland. says:

    What angers me most about this one is,he does’nt look old enough to preach to anybody let alone give marrage advice,i think a Knuckle Sandwich would be in order here.

  5. Truthiocity says:

    ot: Australian muslims loose free speech case. Apparently you aren’t allowed to send nasty letters to parents of dead soldiers.

    “CANBERRA, Australia — Australia’s highest court on Wednesday narrowly rejected the case of two Muslim activists who argued they had a constitutional free-speech right to send offensive letters to families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

    Here’s the link to the story:

  6. Richard says:

    What an idiot, of course he is helping us prove they are mentally deficit.

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