Ever hear of the show, ‘Al-Sopranos’? BBC expose on corruption in Afghan bases

This is an unusually frank expose by the BBC on the pathetic and disgusting practices of our Afghan allies on bases they control in Afghanistan.

H/t Taffy in Canada

Here is the home page for the 30 min full show and here is a link to a Daily Mail story on it with an additional clip

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6 thoughts on “Ever hear of the show, ‘Al-Sopranos’? BBC expose on corruption in Afghan bases

  1. I love the language, even when being hard hitting, the bbc thinks the future is “uncertain”. It’s about as uncertain as South Africa evolving into a civil war racked, economic basket case.
    Next week I hear Panorama are revealing they’ve discovered corruption in South America. You could have knocked me down with a feather.

  2. No it’s there legacy, it just an idiot politician like Tony Blair and George Bush to think they could change it.
    That’s what you get when you vote in children to run countries, childish policies.

  3. This is the result of the left refusing to teach the facts of history or about other cultures, we are now paying the price for allowing the left to teach people to live in a delusional world were everyone wants the same thing and all cultures react the same way. Corruption has been part of the Islamic world since the time of Mohammad and we aren’t going to change that without removing the Islamic influence from the culture.

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