Christian begs for his life to Muslim conqueror in Syria

Not sure what to make of this one.
I don’t know who the producers of this video are or anything about it really but it does appear to be a good indicator of where Syria is going thanks to all that Western and mostly American support for the Muslim invaders determined to make Syria part of the new caliphate at the expense of Christians, Alawites and all other minorities or non-Sunni muslims in the region.

Thanks to Assad Elepty, the Ozzie Coptic rights activist for translating this for us all. H/T Magic Martin (if I recall correctly)

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6 thoughts on “Christian begs for his life to Muslim conqueror in Syria

  1. It’s disturbing because you actually witness the extreme humiliation of a dhimmified man, a father caught attempting to provide for his family in the most dangerous circumstances , not because he poses any threat to the community, but because his existence poses a threat to the umma’s so called benevolent and ‘almighty’ ‘god’ – a ‘god’ which cannot survive criticism let alone the mere existence of a man of his own creation that doesn’t accept submission to a false doctrine which perpetuates eternal war. Because it’s in the koran . . .a demented, hideously evil doctrine of war for booty and power over those foolish enough to believe it a ‘religion’.

  2. The only way to get peace in the middle east is to expels al muslims and send them back to the arab peninsula and give the land back to its rightful owners – the Jews – Druse – Christians.

  3. Our esteemed leaders are fools and racists, they have been told they are the smartest people who ever lived and believe what they were told, they are sure they can control the Moslems after they use them to destroy all the left hates.

  4. Santor

    I agree with you. We can conquer all Muslim countries without too much effort, and impose what we want. That is the norm. The victor imposes his culture on the conquered. He appoints native people who have similar cultural attributes as him, and outlaws any culture that is anathema to him.

    What we have done is quite the reverse, and even abnormal. We have given the conquered rights they never had before, as if they were victors. This policy is abnormal, and confuses victors and conquered alike. Then we are surprised that they do not behave with gratitude towards us – in fact hate us.

    Our policy in Syria is almost demonic. The main victims will be Christians, our brothers and sisters in faith and culture. The victors will those who hate us.

    Justice, and divine justice eventually, does happen. I hope we as people do not become victims for the crimes of our ruling elite.

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