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11 thoughts on “One Australian’s opinion on Geert Wilders, and the wonderful enrichment Islam brings

  1. Excellent analysis and commentary, Ben!

    It cheers me enormously to see that there are still a few intelligent and thoughtful young people like yourself in Oz.

    Watching the news these days one could easily get the idea that most of the young people today are brain-washed conformists, marching in lockstep and projecting their repressed racism onto others while chanting from the same “progressive” hymn book. Once upon a time, youth were known for their tendency toward rebellion, but today the majority of them seem to fall in line with the doctrines of the elitist Establishment.

    Best wishes and keep up the good work!

  2. Speaking the truth in defense of civilization is “controversial”.

    Today I saw a quote from Robert Frost: “A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel.”

  3. Muslims shouldn’t be criticized for being invaders, as Judeo-Christians are themselves invaders in Australia. On the other hand, what business have Muslims being on Pagan lands? If we want to criticize Islam we have to do it on other grounds than Islam being a violent religion.
    Either Judeo-Christianity is violent as well, or Judeo-Christians are morally bound to give back taken lands back to Paganism. It is one or the other.
    The basic problem with Judeo-Christianity is that is demands large families, yet it (formally) forbids wars of aggression. The Golden Rule forbids both abortion and wars of aggression, so the Golden Rule is a very bad idea. Double morality, that is, ingroup-outgroup morality (in fact, Judeo-Christianity interprets the Golden Rule in a very speciesist way) has its own problems as can be seen in the war between Sunni Saudi-Arabia and Shi’ite Iran in Syria and Iraq. There is no easy way out.

  4. oogenhand says: ‘Either Judeo-Christianity is violent as well, or Judeo-Christians are morally bound to give back taken lands back to Paganism. It is one or the other’

    You present a false argument to manipulate a false conclusion. Judeo-Christianity may have contradictions.and may have a violent past. So what? Tell me where it presently matches anything like the violence of Islam? It doesn’t, and we can rightly criticize Islam for the violence it never outgrew and continues to exhibit, without having to constantly apologise for the history of other religions that did outgrow less civilised periods in the past.
    To argue that all countries should revert to a previous pagan history or condition and throw away thousands of years of leaning and development is a ludicrous view. Should we all stop flying in aeroplanes or driving cars as well? We don’t need to jettison intelligence and reason to argue against Islam, we just point to present day reality and speak the truth. Humanity develops by moving forward, not backwards as in your argument.

  5. A well thought out speech from Australia. Another good sign that all is not lost in the civilized world.
    As for Oogenhand comment: “If we want to criticize Islam we have to do it on other grounds than Islam being a violent religion”. Educate yourself Oogenhand. Islam is not a religion but an ideology. Get it straight before spewing out gibberish nonsense.

  6. Great video, give this guy a big round of applause, you Aussies!

    Oogenhand, you need to get a clue. As an atheist I am inclined to agree that there are indeed some problems with other religions besides islam. But then again, it is equally clear to me that there are also some serious problems with atheism as currently “practiced” by a lot of contemporary atheists. I’m referring to the general tendency to group all religions into one basic category or cardboard box called “religion”. This inevitably leads to a placid sort of laziness and a corresponding inability to differentiate between the merely annoying aspects of some religions and the more deadly dangerous aspects of others.

    Atheists also tend to overlook the comparatively vast spans of evolutionary time that went into shaping our present human nature – or what some would call “the human condition”. We presume that, in the absence of a universal omnipotent god, it is we humans that can and therefore must control everything. But by doing that, or trying to do that, we butt up hard against the unfortunate side effect of erroneously making all historical failures somehow “our” own fault. The trap is in thinking that if there is no god, then there must not be any permanent “good” or “evil” either. Only nature, bloody in tooth and claw, and us – the most intelligent forms of life on Earth – responsible for everything else by virtue or our apparent and thus custodial superior intellects.

    But life on Earth is enormously complex. And for all practical purposes, our human nature is essentially fixed – just like those who believe in god often assert it is. Therefore, the belief that we can simply invent and re-invent or adapt as we go along – with no fixed moral anchors of any sort – i.e. designing and micromanaging entire societies through “reason alone” (who’s reason?) and science alone (who’s science?) (elitism —> socialism —> communism —> death camps) or simply discarding hard learned historical lessons about right vs wrong, good vs evil, or better vs worse, etc. (multi-culturalism —> moral relativism —> political correctness —> pacifism —> nihilism —> and finally civilizational conquest from without) will not bring about happy success. Especially since it leads to constant challenging and re-evaluating not just our past failures, but also our past successes: (We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these …)

    So think about it. As a human being, you do indeed have a “god” given right to criticize and oppose totalitarian, fascist ideologies. Even if they do cloak themselves as “a great religion”.

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