Muslim Ohio doctor Raped, killed and did ‘inhumane’ things to corpse of pregnant mother

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Dr. Ali Salim Raped, Killed Pregnant Woman: Deanna Ballman,23 Murdered Responding To Craigslist Ad, Continued To Abuse Corpse And Solicit Other Women To Kill

BY Mereb Gebremariam | Feb 22, 2013 12:43 PM EST

Dr. Ali Salim, Raped, Killed, Deanna Ballman, Murdered, craigslist, Pregnant, corpse

An Ohio man has been charged with raping and killing 23-year-old woman. Dr. Ali Salim is charged with murdering Deanna Ballman after she responded to a Craigslist ad. The Doctor allegedly injected the expecting mother with a lethal dose of heroin killing her and her unborn baby and later doing ‘inhumane’ things to her corpse.

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11 Responses to Muslim Ohio doctor Raped, killed and did ‘inhumane’ things to corpse of pregnant mother

  1. Richard says:

    They are releasing him on bail! That is the last we will see of him.

  2. Rita says:

    “That is the last we will see of him.” And possibly of a few other young women.

    Necrophilia is halal, I think.

  3. Richard says:

    I think you are right, I remember hearing a story about Mo jumping into a grave.

  4. Eeyore says:

    Yeah it was his aunt according to 1 hadith.

  5. Rita says:

    WOW…two birds with one stroke (or however the saying goes): necrophilia and incest. I wonder what classification that would get, if they made a movie of it …

  6. DP111 says:

    All Muslims have to be made to leave the West. The only question is how to do it without recourse to draconian measures that violate or foundational principles.

    Its coming. One way or other.

  7. Santor says:

    @ Rita.

    A little video about that issue :

  8. wtd2 says:

    02/04/2013 “Man shot to death had pregnant sister who overdosed in July”
    [Victim, Spc. Deanna Ballman was on maternity leave from National Guard duty. This link is about her 19 year old brother ]

  9. Canadian says:

    From experience, I find many Muslim men are such hypocrite in their religion and rape many women, and denying the rape.

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