Some videos from the Islamic terrorist attack today in India

Dilsukh Nagar Bomb Blast on 21st Feb 2013 – Serial Blast at Hyderabad

Indian sources are telling me that a group called, ‘Indian Mujaheedin’ carried out this attack. This group is said to be the Indian branch of Al-Qaeda

This story, supplied by C Bee, gives some history on the surveillance of the site.

BBC Link on same issue

H/T C Bee

These videos are in both English and local.

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3 thoughts on “Some videos from the Islamic terrorist attack today in India

  1. Cue the Indian leftists who will reflexively blame these latest terrorists attacks on the Indian government’s execution of the Indian Kashmiri terrorist involved in the attacks against the parliament.

  2. As usual the government will be appealing for calm. Majority of Muslims are law abiding and patriotic Indians they will re-assure the people, and any reaction against Muslims will be treated harshly.

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