Morocco Demands Spanish Government Take Measures to Ensure Moroccan Children in Spain Do Not Convert to Christianity

Europe News:

Islam versus Europe 21 February 2013

Morocco wants to reach an agreement with Spain on some mechanism that will allow the authorities in the Alaouite kingdom to monitor children given up for adoption to families in our country, the Moroccan Minister for External Affairs, SaaedĂ­n el Otmani, informed Europa Press in an interview.

Among other things it involves monitoring that these children have not converted to Christianity and maintain their original names and surnames until they reach adult age, as mandated by the Moroccan legislation under which they were given up for adoption.

In March 2012, only months after the arrival of the Islamist government of the Party of Justice and Development, the processes for adoption of abandoned Moroccan children by foreign families began to reach a standstill and the Alaouite authorities introduces a new requirement that the families interested in adoption had to reside in Morocco.

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7 Responses to Morocco Demands Spanish Government Take Measures to Ensure Moroccan Children in Spain Do Not Convert to Christianity

  1. wtd2 says:

    Spain should reply, “return to sender”. Either the Moroccans assimilate to Spain fully, or they can return to Morocco at will or by force if necessary.

  2. Softly Bob says:

    As usual Muslims want to have their halal cake and eat it. They want the luxuries and freedoms of the West but also want to keep their filthy disgusting psycho religion.
    As wtd2 says, Spain should send them back.

  3. Richard says:

    Tell them where to go and what to do after they get there.

  4. Big Frank says:

    Excuse me for speaking but I always was led to believe that one’s religion was a personal matter, except in a religious police state,which IMHO describes most Islamic countries.

  5. Tell Morocco to “F-off!”

  6. oogenhand says:

    There is a reason why there is more abortion in Morocco than in Spain. We could go even further and state that the ban on non-muslim men marrying muslim women promotes prostitution in muslim countries like Morocco. The muslim rules definitely weaken the position of muslim women on the relationship market, making it very easy for muslim men to take advantage of them, leading to extramarital sex.
    Erdogan made the same whines about adoption of Turkish children. That would be assimilation, too. Erdogan considers assimilation a crime against humanity. What about the Turkish attempts to assimilate Kurds? If they don’t assimilate Kurds, they will be outbred by the Kurds.
    Luckily, islam destroys itself in Syria.

  7. oogenhand says:

    Reverse devshirme is a good thing. Tit-for-tat. The Ottoman devshirme was assimilation, and therefore a crime against humanity.

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