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6 thoughts on “Leftist students in Cambridge call for the death of Marine Le Pen

  1. I am an unashamed fan of Marine Le Pen (*) and think she is the only hope for France to survive as a Western democracy. She has a serious chance to replace this dhimmy socialist Hollande in 4 years – or at least I hope so:

    The most important thing the president of “Le Front National” said on inside the hall (and it should be broadcast far and wide) was to compare the two totalitarianism of the 20th Century: Fascism and Communism, to the two totalitarionisms of the 21st century: Islam and globalisation. “If we do not fight for freedom against the totalitarianisms of the 21st century we will disappear off the face of the earth, not just France but Britain as well” she said (in French, of course :))


  2. Doesn’t the Left understand: “Thou shalt not kill”? The Left takes its love for the “oppressed” from Judeo-Christianity. Why believe Jesus when he says you should love the weak and the poor and not believe Jesus when he says killers will go to hell?(Matth. 5:38)

  3. Frank you have that right, what they don’t realize is that there is a kill or reeducate list in every socialist/Marxist leadership council, the first to go are the revolutionaries who brought down the old government, then the effuse idiots, after that they get to people like us.

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