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13 thoughts on “Galloway walks out on debate with Israeli

  1. His islamic bussom boddies might easily forgive and even understand this offensive idiot should he like children just a little too much, but, after viewing the muslims who patrol the streets of London chase a satorially clad young man away for “looking like a pouff”, I have a feeling they will not appreciate his dress style.

  2. Easy victory. George lost the debate the moment he stood up to walk out. He’s lost what tiny amount of credibility he may have had.

  3. Galloway, Hagel, Powell, Obama, Brennan, Dhimmy Carter, The Clintons, Ron Paul??, Grover Norquist?, Anthony Wiener? and the list goes on and on.

    So many Western career functionaries, politicos, ex-politicos such as Paul Craig Roberts, dead journalists such as Robert Novak and perhaps politico wannabes such as Pat Buchanan,,

    How many have received or may have received lavish gifts from Muslim groups of Muslim governments from Iran or Saudi??

    And the press never questions them. How many of them have received or are still receiving gifts from Muslim groups?

  4. OT – Egypt’s Fighting Palestinian Smugglers with Sewage.

    So this is pretty gross. Egypt’s long struggled with ways to block a series of tunnels that bring some 30 percent of all goods, including guns, into Gaza so they got creative. They’re using raw sewage. Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Egyptian authorities had gone to new extremes to cut off the flow of illegal goods and “flooded” the tunnels that run under the border. It’s since been revealed that this was not a flood of water, but rather human excrement — hundreds, thousands, even millions of gallons of raw sewage pumped into the same tunnels that, to quote Reuters’ report, “has been a lifeline for some 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza[…]

    + link to a NYT article on the page :


  5. -Silver Gonzales

    Imagine if somebody sidled up to you at some point in your young life and offered to help make your dreams come true with a lot less effort than you had anticipated. Imagine that this “somebody” had endless money and knowledge and power and could help your career along in ways you couldn’t imagine. Like, if you were a budding academic, he could make sure that some of the right people said some of the right things about your articles, resulting in you getting tenure and big paychecks and a little fame. Hell, he knows people in the entertainment industry as well, and he’s got a real head for business. It’s all conspiracy theory, but Prince al-Walid is the richest of the Saudi oil sheikhs and he, for instance, could make an awful lot of dreams come true if he felt like it. And don’t imagine for one second that they don’t have old KGB officers to tell them how to do it like a pro. They spend billions on phony, lie-disseminating Middle Eastern Studies programs, why not straight-out bribery. It’s all conspiracy theory, but I can’t see them not having thought of it. It would be a nice safe way for some rich guys to practice Jihad…

  6. Chris Jones, yes … and big money can also buy big blackmail, big intimidation, big fear, big ‘perhaps better to do as I/we suggest?’.

  7. The muslim enemies of Israel like to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But islam forbids the study of si7r, or sorcery. It is very possible that the tricks outlined in the Protocols are a form of si7r, or waswasa; psychological manipulation.

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