Wadaya know! White people actually can win at the ‘Human Rights Commissions’!

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4 Responses to Wadaya know! White people actually can win at the ‘Human Rights Commissions’!

  1. Don Laird says:

    Hello there……

    Think comments don’t have an effect?…….think again……

    Call Earls head office at:


    Use the keypad to find the CEO’s name……his name is Stan Fuller….

    The answering machine will give you directions and you use the keypad to dial Stan’s first name……once you hear the reponse….leave Stan Fuller a message…..I did…….

    As for the complainant…..

    Her name is Ikponwosa Ero…..she’s a negro…….and unfortunately nature dealt her a really, really shitty hand by depriving her of her black skin (Ms Ero’s meal ticket….)……so now, because she can’t legitimately join the ranks of the self piteous and provocative like Tawana Brawley, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, where from the bully pulpit of hate manufacturing she can drown us in a blizzard of claims of racism and general persecution….she instead uses her affliction, any affliction really, any affliction in a pinch…. to claim the status of the insulted and wounded…..and as evidenced in her “complaint” reveals herself as little more than a shrill voiced, thin albino skinned, whimpering whiner who uses tax-payer dollars to assuage her easily bruised sensibilities…….too bad Ms. Ero wasn’t blind, or blind and lesbian….or blind, lesbian and dimensionally challenged……..or blind, lesbian, dimensionally challenged and ADD/ADHD…….or blind, lesbian, dimensionally challenged, ADD/ADHD and a recovering alcoholic……..HOLY FUCK!!!!!….WHAT A FUCKING PAYDAY THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN!!!!!

    The other person claiming responsibility for a portion of this farce is another pompous thin-skinned (albino skinned) asshole named Peter Ash. This pompous Ash-hole heads up a money grubbing group called “Under The same Sun”.

    Under The Same Sun Fund can be found trotting about Africa discovering a multiplicity of Albino-Hatred……….nice work if you can get it…..draining the pockets of the dull-witted and guilt ridden…..lets remember that the next time you are considering donating to a charity……avoid donating to money grubbing whiners…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Richard says:

    Human Rights Commissions are a stain on the wests history of freedom, they reduce freedom for all people under the guise of preventing people from being offended. Well there is no right notto be offended.

  3. a says:

    your cattle crap redneck

  4. Eeyore says:

    Do you mean, ‘You are…’ or are you implying that we own one?

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