Two suspects dead, one at large following home invasion

Now that it looks like the government may be trying to alter people’s 2nd ammendment rights, more and more reports are coming out about people defending themselves with their own weapons. – Richmond, VA News, Weather, Traffic

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3 Responses to Two suspects dead, one at large following home invasion

  1. Richard says:

    If you follow the debate on the net you will find more and more law officers predicting a second revolution if the Dems don’t back off.

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  2. Big Frank says:

    IMHO to defend oneself is a basic human right. Here in the USA most of the general population are unaware of the fact that there is no Constitutional right to police protection, it is at the whim and budgeting of the governing authority. The police have no legal obligation to protect any particular citizen.It is common knowledge that gun control laws are ineffective and only keep gun away from law abiding citizens. The philosopher-kings in the political class protect themselves with guns and armed guards but believe that gun control laws are needed for all others.

  3. Richard says:

    Gun control is people control it always has been and it always will be.

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