‘Knockout Game’ perp shot, killed

Another excellent reason to make sure that people are allowed to own firearms. It is the single existent way to level the playing field between some huge aggressive attacker, and a housewife or older person or the weak and the infirm.

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Tiffany Thompson got her wish: Demetrius Murphy met the “Right Person” and he will not be playing the Knockout Game any more. Ever.

A St. Louis homeowner shot Murphy dead late last week during a burglary. And a whole lot of people in St. Louis feel relieved, if not safer.

Murphy was a member of a group that is credited with making the Knockout Game a St. Louis tradition, then a national pasttime.

The rules of the Knockout Game are simple: Begin with a bunch of black people. Anywhere from three to 30.

Find a white person, but an Asian will do. Alone is important. Older is better. Weak and defenseless even more so.

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2 thoughts on “‘Knockout Game’ perp shot, killed

  1. This is why armed citizens cause criminals to back down, St. Louis is a very liberal town and was where the knockout champion game was invented, now it is showing the rest of the world how to stop it.

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