Jason Kenney on Ezra Levant on new office of Religious Freedom

This needs to be listened to very, very carefully. It was highly diplomatic of them not to mention that nearly 100% of the persecution mentioned is in fact by Muslims and in strict accordance with Islamic dogma, but it was very good anyway. I am cautious about new laws, as I have seen over and over again in the past few decades that once you create a lever of power its only a matter of time till it is selectively enforced in favour of the very people or ideologies it was created to protect us all from. This one seems ripe for the picking as well once someone else is in control of it, which is why I prefer general and broad principles like the US 1st and 2nd amendments, which are clear, and harder to navigate around or change course.

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2 Responses to Jason Kenney on Ezra Levant on new office of Religious Freedom

  1. Richard says:

    The fact that Canada felt they had to create this new office is scary, and I agree that it is ripe to be used by the left and the Moslems to shut down all criticism of Islam while allowing them to criticize everyone else.

  2. Martin says:

    Hillary Clinton to charge ‘$200,000 a speech’… which is more than her whole YEAR’S salary as Secretary of State and the same fee that Bill charges


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