“All 20 shops of Hindus at Priyor Mor have been looted and destroyed…”

Anti-Hindu violence in India.



“All 20 shops of Hindus at Priyor Mor have been looted and destroyed. Sankar Ghosh’s stationary and sweet shop is one of them. The Hindu shopkeepers have been beaten up by the Muslims. The Hindu shopkeepers fled away to save their lives. No police force is there. Other shopkeepers are Bimal Mandal, Bhupal, Kartick, Saha…deb Naskar. After looting Priyor Mor, nobody knows in which direction these rampaging Muslims will head. Hindus of the adjoining villages are extremely scared. Trying to send their women folk away.
Priyor Mor is always sensitive. In spite of that, Police did not take any precautionary measure. What does it indicate ? Does this govt. want destruction of Hindus ??”

The killed Moulavi Rohul Kuddus will be buried at Dhoaghata village (2 Km. from Ghutiyari Shariff) under Jibantala PS in Canning sub division. Tens of thousands of Muslims are gathered there. Provocative speeches by loudspeakers are going there. No police. Hindus of the adjacent village Satbibi and other villages are fearing that anything worst may happen.”  —Tapan Ghosh

West Bengal Violence update – Report by a FBian who visited the place and confirmed
A 5 years old child was burnt alive at Naliakhali under Canning PS today while 200 other Hindu houses were burnt down by muslim mob shouting ‘allah o akbar’. In all around 750-800 Hindu families are rendered homeless in this area of south 24pgs district as per available last report. Some 1800 Hindus have taken shelter at the Baikunthpur primary school under police protection. According to eyewitness report earlier some 7000 to 7500 muslims stacked in around 250 trucks landed in this area and started attacking Hindus and burning their houses indiscriminatel ­y. Even women, elders and children were not spared.

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7 thoughts on ““All 20 shops of Hindus at Priyor Mor have been looted and destroyed…”

  1. As warm weather approaches the violence increases in all nations where the Moslems feel free to use open violence against all none Moslems.

  2. You won’t see much of this reported in The Daily Beast or Huffingon Post. The Left hides the magnitude of atrocities committed against Hindus by Muslims, but talk adnauseum when Hindus fight back.

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