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7 thoughts on “James Watt, Ambassador from Britain to Egypt shows dhimmitude and Islamophilia

  1. Oh God, Eeyore! Are you trying to give me another heart attack? What a perfect Quisling that guy is. Why are all the main world leaders so completely helpless in the face of Islam? These people couldn’t invent the outhouse without help from an Infidel, so why are we acting as if we need to be afraid of them? Did you hear the way he said, “Holy Quran”, with the little pseudo-Arabic halt between the “Q” and the “r” – fulsome suck-holing at its finest. If Churchill were alive he would have shot the man on the spot. I saw that 14-minute clip/movie and can attest that the content, while crude, was pretty much factual, so I don’t know what he meant by arresting and imprisoning anyone who would make a movie like that. If they manage to get what they want, which is to have truth no longer a defense in a libel case, then we are in serious trouble. Of Muslims, Churchill said, “Either they are at your feet or they are at your throat”. We don’t have to take this shit from these characters…

  2. There must exist a WALL OF SHAME which can be utilized to EXPOSE each of these groveling cowards/dhimmis by linking their professional portraits to lists of videos/reports of each act of incredible pusillanimity and treason.

  3. Another British official that doesn’t deserve to be called British. This symptom of the decay of western civilization is present in all western nations, it is usually found in the self proclaimed elite that think they are the new nobility in a neo feudal society they are trying to create.

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