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6 thoughts on “Islamic Universities Association Secretary-General: Martyrdom the “Most Lofty Form of Jihad”

  1. Islam corrupts everything. Martyrdom is when someone is killed just for being a Christians or Buddhist. For Muslims it means killing innocents and dying in the process.

    For every other faith, fasting means abstaining from food and the temptation to eat, while others indulge. For Muslims it means fasting in the day, boasting about it and insisting that others do not eat in their presence. Thus, the bit about resisting temptation, which is the point, is removed. Then after sunset Muslims in an orgy of gluttony. This is the worst aspect of Islamic fasting.

    Fpr every other faith, prayers means communicating with God, for Muslims it is a set of excercises, almost military in nature.

    Islam corrupts everything it touches.

  2. DP111

    Very well said. Print that on small cards and leave them everywhere you go. Make it into a T shirt. Paste that comment everywhere you can.

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