China’s expansionism echoes history

This article is behind a pay wall, but you get the gist from the paragraph or two that is public.

The Australian:

IN recent months five uninhabited islands east of Taiwan and southwest of Japan have become a new global flashpoint. The Chinese now claim these islands – called the Diaoyu in China, the Diaoyutai in Taiwan and the Senkaku in Japan – and have repeatedly threatened Japanese control with military overflights and naval activity, including the provocative locking of weapons control radar on to a Japanese ship.

These East China Sea activities follow increased Chinese actions and threats in the South China Sea. China argues such coercion is appropriate since all such locations belong to China, but history shows these Chinese territorial claims lack substance.

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2 thoughts on “China’s expansionism echoes history

  1. This is one of the flash points for WWIII, I don’t think China will use force until after Ovama has had a chance to weaken the US further.

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