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7 thoughts on “BBC exposes how corrupt the process of granting mosque planning applications can be.

  1. This video explains why the cult seeks positions of authority for it`s members in politics and regional local councils.The general population in England will never see this perversion of “democratic local government”. It all happens behind closed doors. The leftists (especially the unions) have created and sustain this parody at all levels.And the sheeple keep voting for the same old vermin every four years.

  2. i wonder how many of those councillors will be held responsible, or even acknowledge any responsibility, when the local roads clog up and the intimidation and recrimination begin.
    none, i’ll wager.

  3. Another terrorist training and assembly centre approved. On the plus side though – these places provide a prime target for RPG’s in future devoid of innocent women and children…. An extremely target rich environment for taking out no one except bad guys…:)

  4. Another element is the setting. As the councillors left, it became evident that the “municipal” building was an old, unused church. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if the Christian faith isn’t there to pushback, then all is lost. “Enlightenment values” have proven incapable of setting up a bulwark, in fact, they have set the multicultural table that has led to the present scenario.

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