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6 thoughts on “By request: Gavin Boby post lecture Q&A Ottawa

  1. I must disagree that we never prop ourselves up to win. Denial of the facts are still that. I am now somewhat disappointed with Boby 🙁 Denial of speech,at this critical time,no matter what,bothers me.

  2. These people are acting as if all mosques are the 20% that don’t preach violence. Maybe they should go back to middle school and relearn how much more 80% is than 20%. Ya a new mosque MIGHT be the 20% – but that’s only 20% likely.

    And they are assuming the violent minded mosque developers would ever be honest about weather they are in the 80% or the 20% group. Of course if you were a violent mosque you would say you were the peaceful kind.

    And they are ignoring the reasons WHY he said he did this. The main reason isn’t what they preach, it’s because these mosques then engage in block busting the surrounding area. That is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL but is not being prevented by the authorities as it should be.

    That’s WHY they choose to set up mosques in low income non muslim neighborhoods. To drive down the prices of the surrounding houses so muslims will buy them at cheap prices.

    the mosques are a part of a greater strategy of driving people from their homes. People aren’t leaving these areas in reaction to mosques being built. Rather it’s that Mosques are being built so that people will leave these areas.

    Wow, that’s evil.

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