Lars Hedegaard and the Enemies of Truthfulness

Andrew Bostom:

Last week I noted how Michael Coren of Canada’s Sun TV was far bolder than any of his US television network colleagues in dealing with Islam’s threat to Western free speech, epitomized by Coren’s interview of Danish journalist and historian Lars Hedegaard, who survived an assassination attempt by a likely Muslim assailant, still at large. No such interview with public airing on television was conducted by any major US television network-ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN-not even the self-proclaimed “alternative” to “stultifying political correctness,”  and “champion” of free speech, The Blaze TV.

Emphasizing, yet again, the ongoing, complete dereliction of duty of not only the mainstream legacy media, but so-called conservative outlets such as Fox News and The Blaze, Michael Coren opened his follow-up interview  of Lars Hedegaard, yesterday (2/15/13), with this observation:

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2 thoughts on “Lars Hedegaard and the Enemies of Truthfulness

  1. Political Correctness kills, Political Correct reporting kills a lot more people. Yes even the conservative papers are ignoring this issue. The only thing I can say is to repeat the US is a very insular nation, we have a strain of isolationism running through our culture that forces us to ignore almost all things that are happening overseas unless the action is a direct and immediate threat to the US. Most of the isolationist I know think we should ignore the world so it will ignore us.

  2. Hey, this media problem is also prevalent is Canada. To my knowledge I haven’t seen such interview as the one with Michael Coran taking place on CTV, Global, Omni or CBC. No mention of the attempt on Lars Hedegaard’s life on other networks except Sun News. Unless it was very late at night when I sleep. Political Correctness is alive and well in Canada’s media

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