Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam?

This might explain why the Queen seems not very anxious to make him King.

Or is this his act of spoiled highly-delayed rebellion.

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Daniel Pipes.

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15 thoughts on “Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam?

  1. Charles is unlikely to become King and for years has had a reputation for spouting nonsense, so there is little to fear even if he has converted to Islam.

  2. Your right Bob,from time to time his Father spouts some nonsense as well,but thats just down to old age and being kept away from everyday life,it’s not only the Horses that have Blinkers on at the Palace,but on a more serious note, when Diana and Dody “died” in the Tunnel in France,Diana (Church of England) and Dody(muzzie) started seing eachother more regular, there was’nt an ice-cubes chance in Hell of muzzie and English Blood mixing into the Royal Family,she(the Queen) is pure Protestant and would never allow this to happen, Christ. she won’t even budge for us Catholics,and we’ve been here longer that the muzz-scum,so glad i’m retired from all this Religious stuff,thats why i only bash THE DEVIL CULT now,i’ve always maintained every Religion is about controling the masses,(excuse the Pun) but the cult of shit-slam is the biggest attempted con.trick of ALL time, they don’t like to be put on the spot and be Questioned…..FUCK THEM.

  3. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it up to Parliament who inherits the throne? I seem to remember this principle was set up after the restoration.

  4. Yes, you are right Richard, the Reformation did bring this about, but the Reformation also included that there will never be a Roman Catholic in a position to take up the Throne either,and this still stands today,there was talk of bringing this into line with Modern day Brittain but as always, it got shelved and put back because it needs a whole lot more in-depth discussing,as it’s got to be pure bred Prodestant-English Blood that takes up the Top Seat….a wee bit rich comming from the German and Greek pair at the top just now,anyway when it does come around again, theres a whole load o’ stalling tactics can be implemented in order to delay it further….like starting another War to name but one,as it seems every Prime Minister/President needs at least one to have a continued stay in Power.

  5. I think it will be Charles,but he might be By-passed for the Younger William,the longer the Queen stays at the top the less chance of Charles being King,but he has been seen Publicly embracing the Gen.Public,home and abroad,this may seem a wee bit petty but his Mother was the same, they could’nt stop her(and now William) being human,sadly(i fear) this will be interept as a weakness,and of course he laughs smiles to the Camera,and he gets drunk with his workmates,thats how myself and most of the People on this Page grew up as well,but not for the Royals,they lead a very sheltered life(supposed to) and have to squeaky clean and so above everybody else,all in all it really depends when the queen either steps down,or dies….anyway her Ancestors murdered OUR Queen, Mary Queen of Scots. and we in Scotland have never forgoten this,as still a lot of People in “Bonnie” Scotland don’t see or recognize her as OUR Queen,the scars are still there,this was just another thing the English stole from us all those Years ago,but it’s all we have now, so we tend to cling on to it…….oh to Dream.

  6. @Chris.Curran”Bonnie”Scotland.
    There hasn’t been a true “English” or Anglo-Saxon monarch for a long time. The last was probably Edward the Confessor. The present lot base their claim to the throne on a succession at least as far back as the son of Mary Queen of Scots, James VI / James I who was King in Scotland before he became King of England and Ireland. Ethnically however, in common with most of the royal families of Europe, they are predominantly German.

  7. Thanks Tom, but i’m only trying to point out that we can better fend of shit-slam together,that part of our History will never be repeated,our goal in the West must be to eradicate the threat of shit-slam,cause we’ve let them in the Door far too far,and with Major Arseholes like mohhamad-Gallowway on their side collecting loose votes, as they lacked representation he jumped on the Bandwaggon and now you see him back in mainstream Politics again,he’s looked apon as being a TRAITOR to Scotland and G.B,no doubt comming from the Humanitarian side(in his Head only) speaking for the “lost souls” shit-slam,and helping them invade our Country,so the War is over between Scotland & England Tom(lol),we’ve got to stand together, to fight the scum that darkens our Door this time as they come from WITHIN.

  8. @Richard
    It’s not exactly at the whim of parliament. There was an act of parliament (Act of Settlement 1701) that installed as successors to Anne if she died childless (which she did) a protestant minor line of the Stuarts that became the House of Hanover. It also disqualified Catholics or those married to Catholics from the succession and required the new monarch to join in communion with the Church of England. Apart from those provisos the succession has since been decided by male-preference primogeniture. A recent change (a bill has been passed by parliament but hasn’t yet received royal assent) is to treat females the same as males in the succession (i.e. absolute primogeniture). This took a long time to get to the assent stage as it had to be agreed by all fifteen commonwealth realms that have the Queen as head of state. Parliament could of course draw up another Act of Settlement but I can’t see that happening in a hurry.

    If Charles became a muslim, he’d be disqualified as he couldn’t be “in communion with the Church of England”.

  9. Chris given you goal I would say Wills or his brother would be the better choice. I am skeptical that we will ever eradicate Islam from the world, History shows that the Moslems don’t do well in disciplined warfare unless they have officers who are non Arab, that was why the Janissaries were formed, to provide the discipline needed to hold the Ottoman Empire together.

  10. @Chris.Curran”Bonnie”Scotland.
    BTW: “Gorgeous George” Galloway is MP for Bradford West a seat with lots of mus-tard voters.
    The Lib Dem MP for neighbouring Bradford East, David Ward, is in political hot water because of his remarks about “the Jews” in the run-up to Holocaust Memorial Day. He must be jealous of Galloway’s mus-tard support.

  11. @Richard.
    The Islamic military did rely on non-arabs to a great extent, though the Ottoman Turks were themselves not arabs they for a long time relied on janissaries from their Balkan conquests. The Egyptian sultans used non-arab Mameluke warriors who were Caucasian (Georgian, Circassian), Turkic (Kipchak) or Kurdish. For a time the Mamelukes took over the sultanate. Saladdin who reconquered the Crusader kingdoms was a Kurd. The Islamic conquest of Spain and Portugal was by armies mainly made up of non-arab Moroccan berbers

  12. They relied on non Arabs because the Arabicized cultures are stuck in the 6th Century with the cult of the warrior as their primary military structure. This is why they have had such a hard time winning any open military conflict since gun powder weapons started dominating the battle field,. It is also why the current jihad is a asymmetric war and why the various jihadi groups have such a hard time keeping their plans secret.

  13. @ Richard & Tom – You Guys are better equiped than myself in the Historical facts Dep.,i’m defo. no Historian and only see these things developing on a day to day basis,i can only comment on what i see developing before me and don’t like it, a lot of voters can see the bigger picture as laymen see it,my problem is with the Polititians, as educated as they are supposed to be, “How come THEY can’t see the bigger picture.??? there must be something to be gained in the watching the erosion of our way of Life, holding the, ‘i see no ships’ attutide is eroding all our Forefathers fought for,it really gets me digging in when i hear of the ways they have been allowed to creep in under the Door in the West. Love your answers Guys,keep up the good work.

  14. Chris never think that politicians have the best interest of the nation or the voters as their goal, their goal is personal power, this is true for all career politicians of every party. Some will decide to help the voters so they will vote for them while others will work to steal the elections so they can do what they want. Note that I said career politicians right now here in the states we are seeing the TEA party politicians winning elections some of them are true patriots who are interested in saving the US and helping the voters.

    As for the historical knowledge, I am addicted to reading, when I watch TV I have a book in my hands. When you read as much as I do you can’t help but learn things and since I love to read history I learn about the mistakes of history and can see them being repeated. I base my predictions on what is going to happen on what has happened before in these conditions and this gives me the hope that freedom will survive.

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