Some Valentines day News from the grateful immigrants to Western nations from Islam and Islamic states.

Thank you Softly Bob, Shabnam and others 

Cartoon on Valentines day by Iranian artist:

By Touka Neyestani








Valentine’s Day sparks celebrations, protests in Pakistan

SLAMABAD: Some celebrated Valentine’s Day on Thursday with balloons and flowers, but others denounced the day as an insult to Islam.

In Karachi, billboards decorated with a black heart urged citizens to “SAY NO TO VALENTINE’S DAY”.

“This tradition reflects insensitivity, indignity and ignorance of Islam,” the signs read. They were put up by a group affiliated with Jamaat-e-Islami.

“Valentine’s is against Islamic culture. In our view, relationships are sacred. We have arranged marriages in this culture and people don’t get married for love,” said Syed Askari, a spokesman for Jamaat-e-Islami. “This is imposing Western values and cultures on an Islamic society.

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KSA: Haia to enforce ban on men in lingerie shops next week

  • 8406987266617862.jpg

    A saleswoman helps a customer at a women’s shop in Jeddah. (AN photo)


Thursday 14 February 2013

Last Update 13 February 2013 9:39 pm

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) will start next week to implement an agreement, signed with the Ministry of Labor, to enforce a ban on men working at women’s lingerie and accessory shops in the Kingdom.
Haia Chairman Abdul Latif Al-Asheikh was quoted in a local newspaper as saying that Haia members will carry out inspections across the country. “We shall assume this task of inspecting lingerie shops starting next week,” he said.
He said the Haia will record all violations “at shops, shopping centers, malls and markets.” A report on all offenders will be sent to the Ministry of Labor for further action.

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Norwegian Prof misses flight due to taxi driver getting out and praying on way to the airport.

I would love to know this man’s opinion of Islam’s contribution to Norway before this ride and now.  For the original article in Norwegian, click here.


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  1. BL@KBIRD says:

    He is a Norwegian academic. Most likely he is reflecting inwardly on his level of responsibility for this.

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