Minarette on German mosque falls down

umm, Yeay? H/T Magic Martin

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7 Responses to Minarette on German mosque falls down

  1. Softly Bob says:

    Mmm… Tower of Babel, perhaps?

  2. Seneca III says:

    Maybe they will now try and launch it? Don’t laugh guys, these retards are capable of any anything, and if they do try we will have the pleasure being able to nominate them for a Dawin Award (PBUH). :) :) :)

  3. Seneca III says:

    Or even a Darwin |Award. I was laughing so much I almost choked on my bacon sandwich.

  4. Rita says:

    snigger, giggle LOL. Who chose the cute music? Would my compatriotes have THAT sense of humour? Here is the original piece of music by the Comedian Harmonists: “Wochenend’ und Sonnenschein”…something like: “Week-End and Sunshine, nothing more is needed for happiness”. (Well this little “downfall” was an added bonus;) )

  5. Richard says:

    They can try to launch it if they want and they are stupid enough to try.

  6. randy63ism says:

    Nice! Good ‘ol muzztard engineering. May all their vile, spewing, towers of hate topple so the rest of us decent (meaning, kuffar) folk can get some much-needed sleep. This is the West, we use alarm clocks, we don’t need no stinkin’ minarets to wake us up too early for nothin’. We don’t need no stinkin’ muslims either, come to think of it!

  7. Eeyore says:

    The one I chose is called, Happy days are here again, yes its the same tune.

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