Australian TV interviews Geert Wilders about his upcoming speaking tour

There is one small point where I disagree with Mr. Wilders, or perhaps its that Geert just was distracted and gave a sub-optimal answer in this interview.

And it was on the point of deporting non-Muslim criminals from The Netherlands. While on the surface it was a reasonable answer Geert gave, the central point in my opinion is that there is a fundamental difference between a crime and an act of political sabotage, jihad, war, etc. Muslims are instructed to do certain crimes and maintain certain attitudes from the mosques and Islamic authorities and organizations all over the world were Muslim communities exist. To equate this with crime is a guaranteed loss for the West. Throughout history a society has treated crimes committed by its own citizens in a fundamentally different way than acts of aggression by outsiders for the purpose of conquest and in this case, manifest destiny.

I think Geert could have made that distinction as well. Yes, strip citizenship from Muslim agitators and no, various other people who commit crime for crime’s sake may not need the same treatment even if the global solution is not so objectionable at the end of the day.

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5 thoughts on “Australian TV interviews Geert Wilders about his upcoming speaking tour

  1. Muslims are instructed to disrespect all western law. I am not sure what you mean they are instructed ” to do certain crimes.” Some things we consider a crime Islam does not such as raping of non-veiled women.

    You had a number of video’s here showing Muslims telling the cops over a basic traffic violation they are late they need to go. As though the cop had no authority over him or her at all.

  2. Good point, Eeyore. Osama bin Laden, for instance, was no more of a criminal than some German kid on a tank crew at the Battle of the Bulge. He was an enemy soldier, not a criminal. Criminals, when you think about it, are neurotic, screwed-up people while enemy soldiers can, and often are, upstanding, functional people. The two are not to be confused. Maybe Geert was sleepy or something…

  3. Every time Geert is interviewed he has to deal with some completely hostile know-nothing jerk who just hates his guts and isn’t afraid to let the world know it. Listen to that guy. Talk about prejudice. No matter what Wilders says this guy will turn it into something ridiculous and wrong. I know people like that and they will not open their minds, even for one second, to the possibility that their liberal, university-educated world view could be flawed. What an uphill battle this is…

  4. He also hosts a show called Q&A where he stacks his panel and audience with libtards and leftards, then ambushes conservatives and patriots.
    We have heaps of ignorant people like him, directing opinion and shaping the narrative.

  5. I’m always lost in admiration for crusaders like Geert Wilders who remain willing to debate with congenital morons like this one.

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