Truth about Islam by MP puts New Zealand govt. into full spin mode

H/T Magic Martin

MP’s ‘Wogistan’ rant a mistake – Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters on MP Richard Prosser’s rant.

Richard Prosser

Richard Prosser.


NZ First leader Winston Peters says one of his MPs has not incited hatred by saying Muslims shouldn’t be allowed on planes.

Richard Prosser said young men who were Muslim, “look like a Muslim” or came from a Muslim country should not be permitted to fly on “western” airlines, in an article he wrote for Investigate magazine.

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3 Responses to Truth about Islam by MP puts New Zealand govt. into full spin mode

  1. Chris.Curran"Bonnie"Scotland. says:

    O.k……whats wrong with telling the truth????

  2. Blind Druid says:

    Dr Anwar Ghani, president of the Federation of Islamist Associations of New Zealand, said the comments were “racist and totally unacceptable”.
    Once again and ad nauseam we have to ask “What race is Muslim?” Fools.

  3. Richard says:

    Once again we are shown the intolerance of the so called religion of peace and the left.

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