Germany: Moroccan Muslim Occupies Statue of Don Juan of Austria, Demanding it be Taken Down

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Islam Vs. Europe

16:27 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

A Moroccan Muslim has defaced the statue of Don Juan of Austria (victor in the battle of Lepanto, one of Europe’s decisive victories in the struggle against Mohammedanism) in Regensburg, Bavaria, with Moroccan and Turkish flags. He mounted on to the statue and remained there for three hours, threatening to cut his throat if the police tried to remove him forcefully

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14 Responses to Germany: Moroccan Muslim Occupies Statue of Don Juan of Austria, Demanding it be Taken Down

  1. Santor says:

    I love that kind of stunts. They tend to wake people up.

    For my own part I didn’t know about that statue, next time I go to Germany I will visit Regensburg and pay my respect to “Don Juan of Austria”.

  2. Arun says:

    Not enough people will wake. Such a statue would not be put up in Europe today. It would not surprise me if people consider taking it down to appease their growing Muslim masses.

  3. Ohhh God! says:

    My wife has even stated that in future we have to be sensitive to those who enter the country. I used a statue analogy concerning the fact that one day these immigrants will look at whitey statues and want them gone as they are not representative of themselves. The left keep thinking we are all the same. These people have no illusions but neither do I . We need less of them and more of me. Including my wife it continuously amazes me how most people cannot see further than 1 year into the future.

  4. Les says:

    Oh, good grief, they should’a let ‘em do it. Isn’t anyone going to help that poor man?

    You should see Blazing Saddles before our government makes it illegal.

  5. Richard says:

    I agree with Santor, stunts like this help us, while not everyone will wake up each attack and stunt wake up a few people.

  6. Big Frank says:

    Tell the most pious ‘follower of the teachings of the prophet’, “go ahead make my day”.

  7. Rita says:

    “…threatening to cut his throat if the police tried to remove him forcefully…”

    No doubt the UN will now sue the city of Regensburg, for having prevented that muslim to attain martyrdom and collect his 72 close encounters with black-eyed virgins.

  8. oogenhand says:

    Why are the paradise virgins black-eyed? A remnant from when the Arabs prized racial purity instead of polluting their blood with blue-eyed women?
    Anyway, Moroccans and Turks aren’t Arabs; so in the Hanbali kafa’a (sexual pecking order), they are inferior.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not 72 virgins but just 1 virgin 72 years old.

  10. Richard says:

    I thought it was 72 virgin demons horny for their butts.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Then 72 smelly crotch scratching male virgin demons horny for their butts.

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