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5 thoughts on “Fires are set at the Presidential Palace in Cairo Feb 8 2013

  1. What I find encouraging is the distinct lack of “allah snackbars” amongst the protesters. Compare that with Syria where the protesting side is constantly claiming allah is snacking.

  2. It’s true. You don’t hear allah snackbar coming out of this crowd, do you? It is truly heartening to see and not hear. Can you imagine if you were born into a religion that will actually execute you if you try to quit? Considering that Allah is so obviously a sock-puppet that Mohammed invented in order to lend divine backing to his every whim, it must be incredibly galling to be an Arab atheist. The original 100-or-so that Mohammed got to follow him back in the days must have been the dumbest, poorest, most gullible losers that ever drifted through Mecca.

  3. Egypt court bans YouTube for a month

    A court orders the Egyptian government to ban all websites that published the controversial anti-Islam film for a period of one month, including the popular video sharing portal, YouTube

    Egypt’s administrative court on Saturday ordered the ban of YouTube in the country for a month for not removing the controversial anti-Islam film, The Innocence of Islam.

    The court’s verdict also applies to any website that aided in the sharing of the 13-minute film.

    The lawsuit was filed in September by Egyptian attorney Hamed Salem amid rage and protests across the Muslim world where hundreds were injured in Egypt after a film mocking the prophet Mohamed was shared on social networks.

    In his filing, Salem presses for Egypt’s prime minister; minister of information; communications and information technology and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to ban YouTube and social media sites until they remove all anti-Islam content.

    Salem charges that such films were created to distort the image of religion and the prophet in children’s minds.

    “If we don’t stop these videos, they will only appear with increasing frequency,” Salem told Ahram Online in September, condemning YouTube for allowing the film while “they don’t allow any videos insulting to Jews.”

    Protests against the film had turned violent in some countries leaving at least 70 dead, including US ambassador in Libya Christopher Stevens.


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