Dhimmi Justice in Cordoba: Muslims Who Prayed in Cathedral, Attacked Security Guards and Police Acquitted

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Islam V Europe

13:26 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Has dhimmi justice returned to Cordoba after centuries? The Muslims taunt Christians by praying in the cathedral, attack security guards and police with a knife and crutches and the judge just dismisses all of the evidence against them, saying the testimony is contradictory, by which he must mean that the Muslims denied it.

The Fifth Criminal Court of Córdoba has acquitted the eight Austrian Muslim tourists who created an altercation inside the Mezquita-Catedral on Holy Wednesday in 2010 for praying inside the place of worship according to the Muslim rite.

The judgement considered it proved that the eight tourists visited various Spanish cities in March 2010 on a cultural trip organised by the Association of Young Muslims of Austria. Specifically, they arrived in Córdoba on 31 March, coinciding with Holy Wednesday. In the afternoon the eight accused as well as the rest of the group visited the Mezquita-Catedral and once inside, in an area not expressly dedicated to the Catholic religion, one of them -Z. E. A., started praying according to the Muslim rite, some of his colleagues following him spontaneously. On noticing them, an assistant with the building’s security service approached the group and asked them to stop praying. After a negative response, another security guard appeared who “angrily” made the same request to the leader of the group, at which moment a struggle began between him and various members of the group who wanted Z.E.A. to stop praying.

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6 Responses to Dhimmi Justice in Cordoba: Muslims Who Prayed in Cathedral, Attacked Security Guards and Police Acquitted

  1. Francisco Torres says:

    Let’s start praying in mosques too!!!!!!!!!!!
    The muslems simple doesnt respect anything!!!!!!!!!!
    They have just one propose inm life, comquer the europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One more time, the freddom lovers will gonna need to kill and dye for keep our europe free from fascists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Martin says:

    St. Paul police investigate whether second man in Muslim hijab is officer

    St. Paul police are looking into a second photo making the rounds on Twitter, after someone asked whether the man shown dressed in a Muslim woman’s clothing is an officer.

    The case comes after a photo posted on Twitter this week turned out to be St. Paul police officer dressed up as a female Muslim Target employee for Halloween

    […]the person pictured is a police officer. The photo shows a man wearing a hijab, a head scarf some Muslim woman wear, and what appears to be brown paint covering his face. The photo was posted on Facebook in October 2010 and seems to have been taken at a Halloween gathering. .


  3. Richard says:

    Another cowardly fool in office.

  4. Big Frank says:

    The authorities and the judiciary have no balls and like the PC and feckless political class have become lackeys and lapdogs of Islam, However this pandering, groveling, and outright ass kissing will come back to haunt them big time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The freedom we won after the Second World War is being given away on a silver platter.

  6. Richard says:

    Yeah the self anointed elite are working hard to ensure that freedom disappeared from this world.

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