Wadaya know! Hillary Clinton was right after all!

Go to Andrew Bolt’s article at the Herald Sun for the story. H/T Oz-Rita


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3 Responses to Wadaya know! Hillary Clinton was right after all!

  1. Richard says:

    Where does she get the idea that she knows the military?

  2. Chris Jones says:

    As long as the mainstream media remains committed to never saying anything that makes the Democrats look bad, there is nothing that Obama can do to lose points. The current situation is completely hopeless; the left has won the war. No one can defeat the combined forces of the Democratic Party and the mainstream media – it can’t be done…

  3. Hey Chris word of mouth helps. Also my second novel “Get Emily” is going to paint a pretty dark picture of them when it’s published in May 2013. I just hope it’s not too prophetic…

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