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2 thoughts on “Douglas Murray on Michael Coren

  1. To all those who may not know, the Liberal Democrats are a British political party who originally were meant to represent the centre view of politics but over the last few decades have slipped further and further to the Left until they are now nothing but screwed-up Marxists.
    Like the United States with their Republican-Democrat power swings, Britain is essentially a two-party state, but the Lib-Dems have been considered for some time as party number three, forever tryers but forever losers, their only taste of power coming through the current coalition government.
    Their slippery slide to the Left has removed any credibility that they may have ever had, and their only substantial mark on history is that they are living proof of what damage Leftism does to anyone’s sanity. I’m not surprised that anti-Semitic remarks were made by a Lib-Dem MP, because this is what the Lib-Dems have become, a corrupt, and deluded party of nonsense and inane political correctness. They are nothing but a joke!

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