Three in court after ‘bacon thrown at Central Mosque’

I cannot understand why this charge cannot be dismissed by simply forcing the prosecution to admit that Islam is a belief system and not a race, as no one in history other than Michael Jackson has ever managed to voluntarily change races, and therefore, doing something offensive to Islam cannot be an act of racism.

H/T Magic Martin

The Scotsman:

Published on Monday 4 February 2013 15:56


TWO men and a woman have appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after bacon was allegedly thrown at and stuck to the Central Mosque.


Douglas Cruikshank, 37, Chelsea Lambie, 17, and Wayne Stilwel, 24, were charged with a racially prejudiced offence.

All three, who are from the Lothian and Borders area, made a brief appearance, separately in private, before Sheriff James Scott today.

No plea or declaration was made on their behalf and their cases were continued for further inquiry.

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15 Responses to Three in court after ‘bacon thrown at Central Mosque’

  1. Softly Bob says:

    Has anyone ever used this as a defence in court, claiming that Muslims are not actually a race? It’s about time that somebody did. They may not succeed but it might highlight the ridiculousness of such cases and pave the way for others to defend against such charges.

  2. Richard says:

    It should be tried, the problem is that we have gone through the looking glass and the Red Queen is in charge of what world mean.

  3. OxAO says:

    Hitler was the first one that made religion a race that I am aware of. Then the US supreme court backed that concept decades later.

  4. ramjetejmar says:

    The three people charged didn’t think far enough. They should of thrown eggs and hash brown as well and claimed they were only feeding the poors.

  5. OxAO says:

    Also note, they will be made an example to prove to the ‘new comers’ that this is unalterable

  6. Santor says:

    When we get democracy back in Europe I hope that anybody convicted under those “race-laws” will get a 10-fold compensation.

  7. Blind Druid says:

    I read an unsubstantiated account of some Irish plasterers who were helping to renovate the Birmingham Central Mosque (U.K.), mirthfully confessing to friends that they entombed bacon into the East wall (toward Mecca) of the main prayer room. True or false, the thought had me LMFAO.

  8. Chris Jones says:

    I must be one of the only Infidels in the entire world who has actually read the Quran, because nobody seems to be aware of the fact that Mohammed is described as being white, not olive-skinned or brown. I’m not crazy, I’ve seen at least three references to his whiteness. He also preferred white women with wide-set eyes and big boobs – much like Drunna or Barbie Benton. Hatred of Islam has absolutely nothing to do with “racism”. The very idea is ridiculous. Why is that so incredibly hard to grasp? Mohammed was white, damn it!

  9. Chris.Curran"Bonnie"Scotland. says:

    This was only 10 Miles from my Home Town, i thought “Christ if only they would have told me,” i could have joined them.

  10. Tom Billesley says:

    If I eat bacon for breakfast then fart as I walk past a mosque, is that hate speech?

  11. Blind Druid says:

    Tom — Apparently they have a thing about farting as well. U.S. troops are officially asked to refrain in the presence of muzztards. So it must be hate speech, with bad breath to boot.
    I’m going down to the market to find a Muslima in a body bag. Once I’ve slipped a pound of bacon under her groceries in the cart, I just hang out near the checkout for the Screaming Mimi act.

  12. These three are racist fuckwits. Dougie is going down for quite few things soon. For quite a while.

  13. Martin says:

    OT- TURKEY – Father gave away daughter for cow, court orders ‘treatment’

    An Ankara court has ordered treatment for a father who allegedly forced his daughter to marry in exchange for a cow in the Korkut village of Ankara province, according to daily Radikal.

    The father, Ali, agreed to give away his daughter for a cow, but when she declined to marry the set groom, Ali forced her to do so through violence and psychological pressure. He reportedly told her that he had “already agreed to the terms and got the cow.” The daughter soon applied to the Ankara court for protection.

    The court ordered the father to visit a medical institution and receive treatment, and also banned him from contacting his daughter or visiting the house she currently lives in. The father is also banned from harming her personal belongings, or her house.

    If he refuses to comply with the court orders, the convicted father will serve three to 10 days in prison.

  14. Softly Bob says:

    @Tom Billesley

    With regards to farting, Muslims are the only ones allowed to talk out of their arses, so I don’t believe that they would accept your ‘backchat’!

  15. Tom Billesley says:

    @Softly Bob. I know that a muslim who farts during prayer has to start over. I guess it’s so that Allah doesn’t get confused.

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