SUN TV’s Brian Lilley with Gavin Boby

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic
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5 Responses to SUN TV’s Brian Lilley with Gavin Boby

  1. moremossthanflies says:

    I freaking love this guy! Gavin Boby you are awesome! A great patriot and a hero. My flagging respect for Britain as a serious nation moves a few ticks positive in discovering it can still produce a select few decent and brave men like yourself. I’m so glad you didn’t aspire to becoming a music celebrity or movie star. We have lots of those.

  2. ramjetejmar says:

    Interesting! While watching this video it suddenly ‘became unavailable’. Looks like Gavin Boby hit a nerve . . .

  3. Frank says:

    “This video is private” ?
    It must be so enlightening that the mozz want to keep it all to themselves.
    Unless Gavin is exceptonally modest.

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