Iran unveils homegrown Qaher F-313 “stealth” fighter

I could swear I had one of these as a kid. Was made by this sort of machine that melted plastic into shapes. I doubt that toy would be legal today come to think of it. But then I doubt this aircraft exists as advertised also.



February 3, 2013

Iran's domestically designed and built Qaher F-313 (Dominant F-313) combat aircraft

Iran’s domestically designed and built Qaher F-313 (Dominant F-313) combat aircraft

Iranian State TV on Saturday showed an unveiling ceremony for what the Iran Defense Ministry claims is a new Iranian designed and built combat aircraft. Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said the single-seat Qaher F-313 (Dominant F-313) can operate at low altitudes and was constructed from “advanced materials” that contribute to the aircraft’s “very low radar cross section.”

Iran’s state-owned English language Press TV says that although the aircraft resembles the F-5E/F Tiger II, it is said to be similar to the F/A-18. It follows in the footsteps (or flightpath) of Iran’s first domestically manufactured combat jet fighter, the HESA Azarakhsh (Lightning) and its follow up, the HESA Saeqeh (Thunderbolt).

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12 thoughts on “Iran unveils homegrown Qaher F-313 “stealth” fighter

  1. Interesting shape and design. By the way, the photo of the model aircraft is not a joke. That really is the real thing. The Iranians originally tried copying the Wright Brothers original design, but after finding a old copy of an IDF recruitment handbook decided that they needed to be a bit more up-to-date!

  2. Looks like a target drone. Obviously subsonic, underpowered, almost incapable of negative G maneuvering, very lightly armed, probably equipped with obsolete avionics and most primitive targeting systems. And… “Stealth” ? This “radar joy” muzz-drone piece of shiite ? Pfft !

  3. The mullahs made sure the “stealth” would be in the plane in the best possible way…

    ‘Aviation guru David Cenciotti, a freelance reporter, remarked on his blog that the plane sported “implausible aerodynamics and Hollywood sheen” and was laughably small for a fighter jet. He noted that the cockpit was far too basic for a sophisticated aircraft, and appeared “similar to those equipping small private planes.”
    “The nose section is so small almost no radar could fit in it,” he wrote. “The air intakes are extremely small, whereas the engine section lacks any kind of nozzle: engine afterburners could melt the entire jet.”‘

  4. LOL, I notice that it is a mockup of about 4 or 5 different experimental US aircraft, the X-36, Boing falcon, the f-33, tail from the raptor, airfix f119 model (what they thought the f117 would look like). Thats the ones I reconise.

    The other funny thing is, its about the same size that nasa and skunk works use to test the viability of new designs and cocepts, about 1/4 scale if I am not mistaken.

  5. Now that looks… sure looks like something. Ok, I get that that it runs on ayatolla power, but what I don’t quite understand is how it spools out the extension cord in flight.

  6. billy goat:
    The extension chord is about 1,000 miles long and is simply coiled up in a pile in the hangar . When it flies, it can’t go beyond the 1,000 mile limit or it pulls the plug out!

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