More muslim patrols in the UK

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7 Responses to More muslim patrols in the UK

  1. Softly Bob says:

    Well, it looks like the war is on.

  2. Durotrigan says:

    Their video is risible. Thankfully, as can be seen from its content, they’re not doing anything other than mouth off. Evidently, this has been produced by Anjem Choudary’s bunch again.

  3. Softly Bob says:

    It’s times like this that I envy my dead parents. They never lived to see Britain turning into this, and as for my grandmother, if she was alive today, she would instantly have a cardiac arrest and die.
    The Muslims will get braver and braver until we rise and stop them. We are heading for civil war.
    We have nothing to lose by resisting but everything to lose by submitting. If we die fighting then we don’t live to see things get worse. If we survive, we live to fight another day.
    If we do lose this war, then finally only the Leftists (in their ivory towers) and the Muslims will be left. Then the Leftists will experience great terror with nobody else around to protect them.
    Justice works in mysterious ways. People like us will suffer the least. The cowardly enablers will receive their just desserts.
    That’s why we have nothing to lose by standing up. We don’t want war, but if it comes to us we will be ready for it!

  4. perchancetodream says:

    Once more unto the breach, Dear Friends!

  5. BL@KBIRD says:

    I can’t see any big war or civil war. Just a nasty period of vigilantism during a social break down financially induced. That will clean Islam from the West and the Islamic shitholes will go back into obscurity.

  6. Big Frank says:

    It’s time to turn the football hooligans loose on these loudmouth dirtbags.

  7. Richard says:

    Frank you are right, that will draw the attention of the police and then the other non hooligans can organize and join in.

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