Confrontation between Muslims and secularists in Egypt today.

The thing i so love about Islam, is the nearly magical diversity of chants and liturgical music it inspires. In 1400 years they have managed to create so many inspirational chants and powerful and provocative hymns and invocations how can anyone not covert to Islam? Pretty much the sum total of these can be heard here in the first 10 seconds.

Clashes re-erupt outside presidential palace in Heliopolis

Hundreds face off with police for the second night in a row outside Itihadiya in east Cairo

Saturday Feb 2 2013

According to media reports, some protesters used fireworks and Molotov cocktails in clashes with the police, while officers fired rounds in the air.

The atmosphere remains volatile. No reports of injuries are available.

Bloody confrontations broke out on Friday night at the palace, which is located in Heliopolis, as thousands were protesting against President Mohamed Mosi and the Muslim Brotherhood – the group he hails from.

Earlier on Saturday, a funeral march for Mohamed Hussein Korani, who was killed in Friday’s clashes, headed from the nearby Al-Nour mosque in Abbasiya to the presidential palace.Egypt has been hit by turmoil since 25 January – the second anniversary of the 2011 Revolution.

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8 thoughts on “Confrontation between Muslims and secularists in Egypt today.

  1. Clashes break out at Alexandria’s security headquarters

    Alexandrian protesters express rage at torture case captured on camera in Cairo

    Protesters voiced anger after a video that showed a grown man beaten up, stripped and dragged on the asphalt late Friday near Cairo’s presidential palace.

    As tensions escalated near Alexandria’s security governorate, police forces fired rounds in the air as demonstrators lit up fireworks and flares.

    Both sides also exchanged stones as a number of civilians were arrested.

    Egypt has been hit by turmoil since 25 January – the second anniversary of the 2011 Revolution.

    video – ALEXANDRIA :

  2. @Eyore. The secular side’s vocabulary seems to far exceed the the 2-word vocab of the islamists. So I’ll side with what seem to be the real “rebels” in this dangerous fight.

  3. I’m cheering for the very brave secular dudes and gals in street clothes, not the bums in dirty nightshirts wearing stupid looking hats.

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