UN Officials Are Worried 200K Armed Libyan Rebels Could Join The Fight In Mali

If there are any history-knowledgeable people out there, or those good at, and enjoy doing research, it might be interesting to know how many nations were involved in WW1 and WW2 and compare it to the current situation. If one adds up all the wars we know about and the secret wars, such as Iran-Saudi Arabian-USA proxy wars in Yemen as just one example, can we just get it over with and admit that WW3 is currently on and growing?

Israel just flew a number of sorties against military targets today in Syria/Lebanon perhaps, and explosions in Iranian facilities possibly by foreign entities etc. and Africa seems to be expanding as a jihadi theater of operations, I think it has to be close to WW2 in terms of nations participating, does it not? And lets not forget the former Soviet states in constant conflict such as Dagestan.

From AFP by way of Business Insider

Agence France Presse | Jan. 29, 2013, 4:49 PM | 739 | 5
Libyan Troops


There are still 200,000 armed fighters in “revolutionary brigades” in Libya, a top UN envoy said Tuesday, expressing fears that Mali’s conflict could spillover into the country.

Foreign governments have raised concerns about security in Libya and UN envoy to the country Tarek Mitri said France’s military campaign in Mali had opponents in Libya.

“Opposition of armed radical groups to the military intervention in Mali may exacerbate the situation given ideological and/or ethnic affiliations as well as porous borders in Libya,” Mitri told the Security Council.

He said that border security was a “concern” because of unrest in Libya, particularly around the eastern city of Benghazi, and “the possible impact of recent developments in Mali.”

Mitri told reporters after the meeting there are up to 200,000 armed men in the revolutionary brigades that overthrew late dictator Moamer Kadhafi who are still not under government control.

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8 thoughts on “UN Officials Are Worried 200K Armed Libyan Rebels Could Join The Fight In Mali

  1. I don’t know about World War 1 but in terms of casualties there were 60 nations involved in World War 2 (including neutral nations that were sucked in). The total casualties amounted to around 4% of the World’s population including holocaust victims. Nations that were actively involved in the War (eg fighting on either the allied or axis side), amounted to around 20 for the allies and around 7 for the Axis powers,depending on definition (some weren’t always actively involved, some swapped sides and so on). The original allied powers were just three nations (Britain, France, Poland) and I guess you could say three for the Axis (depending on how you split hairs).
    So World War 2 started with just six nations.
    Has World War 3 started?
    Yes it has, but just like the first few months of 1939 were known as the phoney war, we are also in another phoney war. It’s just that this time the fighting is for real but the declarations haven’t been recognised, unlike World War 2’s phoney war where the reverse was true!

  2. You can’t call it WW3. It is the fate of Islam to be destroyed by humanity and this may be the time. Think of Islam, Muslims and their sick lands. They have nothing but half assed armed gangs and empty treasuries. Muslim military formations at national levels are jokes against Western military formations. They cannot maintain or replace western equipment without Westerners. Paki nukes? Think Muslims can do the consistent delicate maintenance needed to keep weapons viable that are driven around in trucks most of the time? Islam has nothing except blood to shed while they are spilling it.

    Let it burn and get this party started. The Muslims deserve to be set free and live like normal people. And sure, there will be a big pile of egg shells to make that omelet, but Islam lit the stove.

  3. I looked at TROP’s entire list of attacks for 2010 and compiled a list of all countries that saw islamic attacks that year (it took a while because there were A LOT). Attacks took place in around 40 countries (very very very few listings were just honor killings). In 2011 the number of countries was 57.

    In WWII battles took place in 30 countries.

    So ya, this is a world war.

    The list is far from perfect as it does not include incedents where terrorists were caught before they could commit the attacks they were planning (like the Al Quada cell busted in Jordan this past october (the deadline the Muslim Brotherhood gave Jordan).

    This is the short article I wrote listing all the countries.


  4. It is not a “false war”. It is not the prelude to a war nor the beginning of a war.

    It is a world war.

    A world war that only one side knows it is fighting.

    The next generation will look back at this time and think exactly as we do about those generations before us. Why didn’t they see what was so obviously happening?

  5. The concise meme to spread on social media and elswhere is this:

    In World War Two, attacks happened in 30 countries.

    In 2011 jihad attacks happened in 57 countries.

    It’s important to use “world war two” instead of “WWII” because the reader will hear “world war”- driving home the conclusion yet allowing the reader to make the final connection.

  6. Truthiocity said the think that is stopping us from fighting the war to win, and will cause a lot of damage before we reverse it. What he said was

    A world war that only one side knows it is fighting.

    until we can get the majority of the civilized world to realize that Islam is at war with civilization we will be playing catchup and buy time.

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