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10 thoughts on “Egyptian regime on brink of collapse?

  1. Two protesters shot dead in Cairo on Wednesday

    One man shot dead on Qasr El-Nil Bridge, a second in Abdel-Moneim Riad Square

    Two protesters were shot dead in downtown Cairo on Wednesday morning.

    The first took place on Qasr El-Nil Bridge, which leads to Tahrir Square, when unknown assailants fired pellet bullets at protesters.

    The second took place in Abdel-Moneim Riad Square, near the Egyptian Museum, when 50 armed men arrived in a van and attacked protesters with pellet bullets, an eyewitness told police.


  2. Hamas denies its gunmen are aiding Morsi in Egypt

    Gaza-based daily blames Egyptian Copt organization for attempt to ‘demonize’ Palestinians

    Amid rumors of Hamas involvement in support of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi, a Gaza newspaper has accused a Coptic Egyptian organization of fabricating the reports in order to incite against the Islamic leaders of the Gaza Strip.

    Earlier this week, Egyptian media reported that 7,000 Hamas operatives had infiltrated the country through tunnels from Gaza to support Morsi’s ruling Freedom and Justice party, which is currently facing a massive popular uprising in the Suez region.

    Hamas officials were quick to deny the Egyptian accusation.

    Moussa Abu-Marzouq, deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, wrote on his Facebook page that he was sorry that his organization and the Palestinians were being used as a tool in a domestic Egyptian conflict.

    Hamas, Abu-Marzouq added, “stands at an equal distance from all political parties in Egypt.”


  3. So has the soccer thing become the “new” revolution or is it still the soccer thing? Who were the kids standing in front of the police throwing stuff back at the other crowd of agitated monkeys?

  4. …. football ultras are only part of it ….:


    Ultras Green Eagle storm governor-parties meeting in Port Said</b<

    Port Said’s Ultras football fans storm into provincial building and interrupt meeting between the governor and members of political parties discussing curfew situation

    Egypt’s Ultras Green Eagle football team broke into Port Said’s capitol building on Wednesday and forced everyone out, chanting for the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The governor of Port Said was scheduled to meet at 3pm with members of various political parties to discuss the fate of the ongoing curfew imposed by President Mohamed Morsi on Sunday, but the storming action interrupted the meeting.

    The Ultras group blamed the governor for ordering police to fire bullets at civilians during clashes last weekend and accused him of not representing the people of the city.

    The nightly curfew is still in place in the restive province of Port Said from 9pm to 6am. Thousands of the city’s residents have defied the curfew by organising nightly protests to break it.

    A protest is planned in front of the provincial building at 8pm, in which members of the football fan group will announce a list of demands that the state must abide by.

    The group threatens continual instability if Egypt officials do not heed their demands.


    VIDEOS – Ultras in the streets of Port Said -yesterday night :

  5. Documentary – «Clean living»

    —-“The village suffers a lack of sewer lines Ahmad visits us once a month because the Mosque’s cesspit is large and when it overflows, it causes problems to nearby houses…”

    — …”Mosques get a discount : it’s a holy place ”

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