Teenager ‘used vehicle as a weapon’ when he reversed car into PCSO

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This is Derbyshire:


A TEENAGE motorist has been locked up after he reversed his car, dragging a police community support officer to the ground.

Zakir Ajaib knocked Monica Bhardwaj from her feet after she became suspicious that he was smoking cannabis in his vehicle. She banged her head and suffered ligament damage to her wrist and whiplash injuries.

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Sending Ajaib, 19, to a young offenders’ institution for 30 weeks, Judge John Gosling said: “This officer was doing her job when you ran her down. These injuries could have been much worse but you didn’t care.”

He said Ajaib, of Crewe Street, Derby, had literally used his vehicle as “a weapon”.

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One Response to Teenager ‘used vehicle as a weapon’ when he reversed car into PCSO

  1. Richard says:

    All around the civilized world the police expect the criminals to cooperate with them, surprisingly most do but when they run across one that doesn’t they are lucky to survive.

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