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3 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Bloomberg brings hypocrisy to new heights

  1. Pretty scary stuff. Police state can’t be far behind this little stunt by Mayor Bloomberg’s security. Good on the reporter for doing his job.

  2. The self proclaimed political elite think they are living in a feudal society, if I am reading things right they are about to learn otherwise.

  3. Bloomberg is the definition of what Leftist hypocrisy means, a self-loathing Jew, who despite his enormous wealth has socialist leanings. He is typical of the rot that has set into U.S. society. In fact I would like to see the word ‘Bloomberg’ enter the English dictionary (noun and verb) to describe such a person, such as:

    The problem with Leftist idiots is that they are such stupid bloombergs….


    If you grew some balls and used the sense that you born with, we might not have to put with your bloomberging nonsense!

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