“Muslim patrol” homophobic abuse victim comes forward

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East London Advertiser:

Robin de Peyer Monday, January 28, 2013
5:51 PM

A man who was subjected to homophobic abuse by a self-styled “Muslim patrol” in Whitechapel has come forward to police.

The man is now being questioned after police submitted an appeal for him to make himself known to them last week.

It is part of an ongoing investigation into a series of incidents on the weekend of January 12 and 13.

Several videos of vigilantes patrolling the streets of Whitechapel were uploaded to YouTube. In one, shot in Commercial Street, a man is told to: “get out of here you fag… don’t stay around here any more”.

Other videos show passers-by being harassed and told to pour away their alcoholic drinks as the vigilantes tell them to leave the area surrounding the East London Mosque.

A spokesperson said: “The Metropolitan Police Service takes these incidents very seriously and is pursuing various lines of enquiry with a view to identifying and prosecuting the individuals concerned.”

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3 thoughts on ““Muslim patrol” homophobic abuse victim comes forward

  1. OT – UK Algeria terror attack: [ Muslim ] Extremists quizzed in Birmingham

    Counter-Terrorism detectives have been questioning alleged Algerian Islamic extremists in the Midlands after fears that the hostage crisis may have been planned and directed from abroad.

    Special Branch officers from Scotland Yard’s elite SO13 unit are in Birmingham and Leicester in an effort to track down alleged militants with links to an Al Qaida-affiliated group which attacked the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria, killing four British hostages.

    Detectives have already questioned a number of men in the region who have previously been under surveillance.

    The secret raids centred on addresses in Birmingham and Leicester as the security services executed a shakedown of known extremists.

    Detectives are particularly keen to trace an Algerian suspect, who was believed to be living in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham, and is alleged to be a high ranking member of Tafkir-Wal-Hijra, which is associated with Al Qaida.

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  2. I suppose the Police want to question him on what he did to incite innocent Muslims to have to defend their land without proper uniforms or Police backup.

  3. OT UK – Muslim millionaire businessman ordered to remove Islamic creed in 2ft-high lettering from side of his £750,000 home because council claims it’s as ‘obtrusive as McDonald’s ad’

    Message reads: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger’
    Planners claim the 2ft-high lettering is like McDonald’s advertising hoarding
    Mahmood Ali, 54, is now facing a legal battle in ‘freedom of speech’ row
    He said: ‘The message is simply there to bless the house. It is not an advert’

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