Abu Qatada will cost UK taxpayers £6m this year

Anyone else think Qatada would make a fine ‘Relic’ if the CBC decided to remake ‘The Beachcombers’? Or his twin brother, Rata Qatata maybe? (h/t Tundra T)

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The Sun:


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Abu Qatada

Laugh … Abu Qatada after his release from prison
Jon Bond

Scandal of the bills we’re picking up for hate cleric we can’t kick out

Published: 5 hrs ago

TAXPAYERS are set to cough up £6MILLION this year to pay the bills of hate cleric Abu Qatada.

The Islamic fanatic racked up legal costs of £5,000 A DAY last month after being allowed to stay in Britain.

It will cost an astonishing £5MILLION this year to foot the security bill for the 52-year-old who has been closely monitored since his release from jail last November.

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3 Responses to Abu Qatada will cost UK taxpayers £6m this year

  1. BL@KBIRD says:

    Britain is darkly entertaining. Just how stupid can they be? How gutless and cowardly? Time to write those suckers off as capable of self and situational awareness. Time to view them for what they are now, tools of Jihad. Who needs Afghanistan to plan in when you can get paid for luxury suites in Britain?

  2. Richard says:

    This one is stupid even by the standards of the left.

  3. Softly Bob says:

    Simple solution: A noose and gallows does not cost £6million!

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