What all the rioting is about.

H/T Magic Martin

The National Salvation Front, which has earlier announced its intention to hold a sit-in, released a press statement listing the sit-in’s demands:

1. Handing over power to a national salvation government, representing the diversity of Egyptians.
2. Annulling the “sectarian and invalid” constitution, and the reformation of a new constituent assembly that shall draft a new constitutional to fulfill the aspirations and goals of the revolution.
3. The immediate calling for early presidential elections.
4. Dissolving the “invalid” Shura Council, and cancelling any laws it had issued.


In Damanhour

The muslim brotherhood headquaters are burning … :

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  1. Richard says:

    In other words the people who don’t want sharia are revolting to try and gain freedom.

  2. Martin says:

    In Cairo the clashes are going on during the night – here in front of the Presidential Palace :

  3. Rita says:

    When Daniel Pipes was out here in Australia, he said that we in the West should help the secular, educated youth “over there”. Did he have this group in mind? But what chance do they really have not to finish up in the torture chambers of the muslim brotherhood?

  4. Rita says:

    PS: My (not rhetorical) question: Is this the light at the end of the tunnel, or the headlight of an oncoming train?

  5. Softly Bob says:


    I suspect that it is the headlights of the train, unfortunately, but at least it’s good to know that even when about to be engulfed by the mouth that has the snarling teeth of Islam, there are those who still chose to fight back!

  6. Martin says:

    SATURDAY JAN 26th :

    Clashes in Port Said leave at least 30 dead and 300 injured

    Clashes between angry Port Said protesters and security erupt over football death sentence verdict; death toll and numbers of injured continues to rise on Saturday


  7. Martin says:


  8. Richard says:

    @Rita, Bob is right, the light is the headlight.

  9. Martin says:

    Jan 26 2013

    Police station raided in Suez, prisoners flee
    Prisoners in Suez escape amid ongoing clashes; police station ransacked

    Protesters killed in Suez shot from behind and at close range: Head of forensics

    Egyptian army deploys troops in Suez after clashes
    At least nine dead in Egypt’s Suez

    Prisoners at Suez police station fled after protesters raided the station Saturday evening amid continuing clashes with security forces.

    Fierce clashes have been ongoing for hours between protesters and police with tear gas and shots fired.

    Clashes have also led to the torching of the central fire-fighting unit and one fire-fighting vehicle.

    Contents in the police station were also reported stolen, in addition to evidence confiscated by the police, including motorcycles.


    VIDEO – SUEZ – The police station is burning :

  10. Martin says:

    CAIRO :

    The Ministry of Supply and Social Affairs, the old American University in Cairo, and the nearby Hawaiaty School in downtown Cairo caught fire Saturday as violence near Tahrir Square continued escalating.

    Clashes erupted in the violence-prone Mohamed Mahmoud Street, leading to Tahrir Square, on Saturday between protesters and police. The former used Molotov cocktails that set the three buildings alight, Al-Ahram’s Arabic news portal reported.

    Some assailants fired birdshot against civilians who tried to put out the fires, according to the same report.

    Security reinforcements are set to pave the way for fire fighters to step in amid the hostile atmosphere.

    Mohamed Mahmoud Street has seen many clashes for over a year. It was one of main venues of clashes that erupted Friday, on the second anniversary of the 2011 revolution. Clashes re-erupted in the vicinity Saturday.


    VIDEO Ministry of Supply in CAIRO :

  11. Martin says:

    CAIRO – Violent clashes erupt on Qasr al-Aini street
    Violent clashes are raging on Qasr al-Aini Street between security forces and protesters in front of the Shura Council.

    Nile TV quoted their correspondent on the street as saying that the protestors are hurling stones against the police, who are responding with large quantities of tear gas.

    Protestors were chanting “Down with the rule of the [Muslim Brotherhood] Supreme Guide“ and “the people want to bring down the regime.”

    The protestors were attempting to stage a sit-in at the Shura Council but were dispersed by tear gas.


  12. Martin says:

    CAIRO – near the American University :

  13. Martin says:

    CAIRO :

  14. Martin says:

    SUEZ -Looting

  15. Martin says:

    CAIRO :

  16. Martin says:

    Port Said – the ULtras

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