Some quality and experienced rioting on Egyptian city streets today

Things you don’t hear in Cairo in 2013:

“Hey let’s go downtown for a cup of coffee and a quiet meal of goat’

‘It’s OK honey, you can leave the riot gear at home today’

‘Hey Ramzey, wearing a bucket on your head is a sign of insanity’

‘I think we should take the convertible today’

‘What, do you think it will rain rocks or something?’

(Vid find courtesy of Magic Martin)

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Canadian artist and counter-jihad and freedom of speech activist as well as devout Schrödinger's catholic

8 thoughts on “Some quality and experienced rioting on Egyptian city streets today

  1. “Some quality and experienced rioting…”

    Fascinating!!! And the absence of this moronic ‘allah akbar’ gives some extra quality to it. Some of these folk are actually pulling what looks like barbed wire away with their bare hands!
    But what is this scene on the first tape, starting minute 1.16 – where the male seems to be chasing away the female…? Speculatively: it looks as if he wants to protect her from her own enthusiasm?

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