EDL bomb hoax accused ‘wanted to get under their skin’


A man who sent a message to the English Defence League saying its Bristol march was going to be bombed has told a jury he thought it would be ignored.

Sakander Mahmood, 26, from Sheffield, admits sending the right-wing group a hoax message through their website.

But the father-of-five denies communicating a bomb hoax.

He told Sheffield Crown Court that at the time he had thought the EDL would “get a bit wound up”.

He said: “I wanted to get under their skin a bit and thought they would not take it seriously.”

Mr Mahmood, of Firth Park, sent a message which read: “14th July in Bristol, You are getting bombed.

‘My home city’

Mr Mahmood said: “I thought they’d get this kind of stuff all the time and they would ignore it.”

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9 thoughts on “EDL bomb hoax accused ‘wanted to get under their skin’

  1. Come on, with a name like that he will likely be declared an untouchable and sent home with apologies from the authorities.

  2. So, a guy with a Muslim name sends a bomb threat to an anti-Muslim organisation then claims that it was a joke and wasn’t meant to be serious. No harm done, eh?
    Well, not yet no, but this is where it all starts!
    Adolf Hitler started by threatening the Jews, but he didn’t mean it did he?
    The difference with Hitler is that he was an unknown quantity. Apart from the odd brownshirt thuggery here and there, he had no track record of going so far as to commit genocide. Not only that, but the Nazi party was a relatively new organisation – they didn’t have a track record of centuries of violence.
    Muslims however, are NOT an unknown quantity. They have been around for 1400 years. They have proven themselves time and again, to be violent, uncompromising, devious and inflexible.
    Threats like this one, joking or not, are not to be sniffed at. Sakander Mahmood meant every word that he said, but with a little bit of taqiyya and a little bit of backpedalling, he’s trying in his own cowardly Muslim way to claim that he ‘didn’t mean it.’
    Pull the other one, Mahmood, it’s got 1400 years worth of bells on it!

  3. Any and all death threats have to be acted upon as if the perpetrator was on his way to commit the murders. Nothing makes this clearer than actually experiencing a death threat – that to ignore something like that is out of the question. Anyone who overhears one against another likewise has the burden on them to follow up lest they live with the consequence of doing nothing and the worst happens.

    It’s amazing how the naive who have no idea of the damage such threats do would take it so cavalierly, as if it were a joke or “not to be taken seriously”.

  4. When Muslims get caught making bomb threats, they always claim that it was just a joke. A couple of years back a “British” Muslim made a bomb threat against a royal navy ship. When caught, he too claimed that it was a joke. No harm done, Ha Ha. Cant you infidels take a joke ? Ha Ha.

  5. Well he surprised it was taken seriously and he is sorry, I don’t imagine even a slap on the wrist is warranted in todays Britanistan. Perhaps some compensation for lost Taxi time.

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