Gang beats on random Dutch people.


Only 1 of them have Moroccan names:

NEW NEW: Check this google translation of this page.

The picture below may have been ‘pink painted’ based on this photo which just came in.

ht Snaphanen and




Here is the best info that I have on this, thanks to Golem-Bar:

the sequence of events seems to be this:
Immigrant gang of what appears to be  arabs  roaming the streets of Eindhoven looking for people to assault.

They come upon a Dutch man and proceed to viciously beat him. The video was leaked to the internet. There was massive backlash about this incident on social media.
Now the police have ordered   the video removed from all news sites and all pictures of the faces of the perpetrators to have their faces blurred. Two of the youths have given themselves up to the police,

they were from Belgium

The reasoning for this you can decide for yourself:


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15 thoughts on “Gang beats on random Dutch people.

  1. This is what is needed and satans monkeys are happy to provide it. It will get much worse before the spring snaps.But nothing can stop it now.

  2. Flash mobs have it to Europe. What swine they are. I will share this people here in the US. What animals. The elite must really have it in for white people to try to keep a cap on it. This is in Denmark. Why don’t the sand monkeys go back to their islamic desert.

  3. How many were there? I counted at least four (who were actively involved) and others who just watched. Four to one is not really tough is it? But then again Muslims are cowards who fight in sheer numbers. I hope these bastards are caught and given the kicking that they deserve!

  4. No one really believes that they will get a punishment through the legal system that is in any way proportional to the crime, do they? Then how can we expect them to understand how they should behave towards us? Just look at how they treat religious minorities in Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan.

    But everything they do to us, we can and should do to them. That’s the only way they will learn. The Iberian peninsula wasn’t liberated from the Moors with tolerance, compromises or submission.

  5. This week in Sweden: a gang rape of a white girl every day. Over 5000 rapes/year. Can anyone help us? We are under siege. Write about the killing of Swedish whites, the rapes, the censure of the victim’s voices.

  6. If a rape victim in Sweden dares to comment on the crime, to hint who the perpetrator was (or what type of person it was or hint something negative about the immigration policy or the police), the leftist groups (i.e. all those who are in power as regards the general opinion) stage a demonstration against …. RACISM !!!!

  7. This makes sense. You see the up & coming demographics. So you side with the eventual victors. This is still Islamic terrorism

  8. The guys are rich dutch immigrants in Belgium (they run away from the tax system and sttle down in border areas) and Belgian guys from ‘regular’ families. One of them was of north african descent, one had a mediterranean background, 6 were pure white guys. Please stop this misinformation. This time around they were white trash and upperclass daddy’s boys.

  9. He is luckier than andrew Merryweather ,Cape Town who was attacked by a group of senior school pupils at a petrol station ,8 of them , thrown headfirst into a car leaving him paralysed The heroes ran away. This was seen by one of the attackers mother who DROVE them home. They attended 2″top” schools and were middle class white boys. one emigrated to UK . The damage sought was for R14,000.000 plus. Money indeed cant but class.

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