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6 thoughts on “Massive protests in Alexandria. This is current and ongoing. And large.

  1. Riot police and protesters clash in Egyptas ex security chief faces trial, violence erupts

    Riot police fired tear gas Saturday to disperse dozens of demonstrators throwing rocks outside an Alexandria courthouse where the city’s former security director and other officers are on trial for killing protesters during Egypt’s 2011 uprising.

    The confrontation comes a week before the country marks the second anniversary of the revolt that ousted longtime autocratic ruler, Hosni Mubarak, and highlights the frustration expressed by many about the pace of reform.

    Alexandria’s former security director Mohammed Ibrahim is on trial along with five police officers accused of using excessive violence to put down the 18-day revolt. In Alexandria, as elsewhere in Egypt, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets during the past two years to demand ‘‘qisas’’ — Arabic for retribution — for those killed in clashes with security forces.

    Relatives of those killed say they have little confidence in the justice system or police inquiries.

    ‘‘It is one long chain of corruption,’’ said Ramadan Ahmed, whose 16-year-old son Mohammed was fatally shot in clashes outside an Alexandria police station.

    […]The clashes Saturday erupted as human rights activists and relatives of those killed in Alexandria protested outside the courtroom. Most of their slogans focused on the police but it was not immediately clear how the violence began. At least three protesters and three riot police required medical care for tear gas inhalation and injuries from flying rocks, witnesses and state media said.

    Later in the day, clashes erupted again after Judge Mohammed Hammad Abdel-Hadi barred the prosecution from calling witnesses to testify.


  2. “They don’t appear to be Muslim Brotherhood…..

    Yes, I couldn’t detect a single “allah akbah”…that’s why they’ll probably finish up in the torture chambers.

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