The Golden Age of Islam. An excerpt from Bill Warner’s 1400 years of fear

Most of you have seen Dr. Warner’s excellent lecture,

“1400 years of fear. Why we are afraid”

It is just over 40 minutes though and there are some parts of it I felt are worth seeing as stand alone articles to help those of us trying to fight the standard narrative we hear so often from people. This is the first excerpt on ‘The Golden Age of Islam’ and the next one will be on The Crusades.

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10 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Islam. An excerpt from Bill Warner’s 1400 years of fear

  1. Thanks for reposting this very important lecture. It’s one which everyone needs to see, especially the misguided souls taking “humanities” in our universities.

  2. The Crusades were a response to a cry for help from the Holy Land. Pity Richard the Lion Heart did not challenge Saladin to a one-on-one winner take all back on his tour of duty… Problem could have easily been solved once and for all if Saladin had dared accept…

  3. @”Muslim”, it’s about as “funny” as the fate of the workers in the debacle at the Algerian gas plant. Your post punctuates everything Warner says in the video.

  4. I wonder if five-hundred years from now people will see Adolf Hitler and his Nazis as the noble victims of Western oppression? Are there discreet liars crawling through the pages of history, changing a fact here and a fact there? When I was a kid, the Holocaust was the murder of over ten million people in the German concentration camps. Today, the Holocaust is the deaths of 6 million Jews in the German concentration camps. See the difference? The Wiesenthal centre actually went about making that happen, this is not an anti-semitic theory. How can you possibly stop some guy called Mr. Said working away in a huge library, from altering the facts of history when nobody is looking? It’s depressing, really… Somebody has managed to make the very fact of the medieval Christians defending themselves against a Muslim onslaught into a crime against humanity, and we actually believe it. Amazing!

  5. Chris:

    Please allow 25 mins. for me to address the issue of the Crusades in a new post.

    And yes, 50M people were killed in WW2 due to Nazi aggression. 6 million Jewish people were killed in Nazi death camps, an idea they partially got from the Muslim Ottoman Turks based on the slaughter of the Armenian Christians by train and mass graves while WW1 German officers observed. While its certainly true that many more people died in the camps the Wiesenthal center was concerned with Jewish victims, as the Nazis focus was on the extermination of the Jews.

    I highly doubt this was to take anything away from the millions of Catholics, dissidents, Gypsies, disabled, general opponents of the regime etc. But perhaps it was a bad idea anyway as it assisted the Nazi notion that the Jews were somehow something other than German.

    While many no doubt were frock wearing sidelock growing Yiddish speaking people who did not integrate well or at all, many German Jews were simply Germans and nothing more or less. In fact, as Fjordman mentioned not 1 hour ago, Nazis likely felt that these were more dangerous than the obvious ones as Nazis had a fairly ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ view of Jews in a way.

    Perhaps in hindsight it may have been better not to isolate the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. But it was the intention of the Nazis to cause the total extinction of the Jews, much as it is the Muslims goal today and for the last 1400 years. So I can fully understand why Jewish groups, after seeing the Nazi pogrom as simply the most recent and brutal in a long line of European pogroms, to create an institute to record this event. Clearly that was a good idea given the amount of historical revisionism taking place today mostly by antisemites and Muslims. Despite the fact of miles and miles literally of filing cabinets of meticulously kept German records of the Holocaust, some of which were only declassified in the last decade, people still attempt to negate this attempt at Jewish genocide while simultaneously praising Hitler for that same program.

  6. @Chris The Wiesenthal center was concentrating on their people, remember Simon Wiesenthal was a survivor of the camps, it was natural for a Jew to concentrate on the Jews murdered. The blame for concentrating on the Jews should be laid at the feet of the Western Media, not the people hunting the criminals.

  7. I have no problem with the Wiesenthal center or the reasoning behind their re-designating the Holocaust. I was using it as an example of history being re-written. When I was twenty, the Holocaust was all the people who were killed in the camps, today, it is exclusively the 6 million Jews. I am stating a fact without spinning it in any direction. I understand the history and I understand the Wiesenthal position…

  8. Richard. I researched the issue. The Wiesenthal Center consciously went about changing the definition of the word Holocaust because they felt that losing half of their population to the death camps made it a Jewish event. It was not the media who changed the definition, it was Simon Wiesenthal. They contacted the academics who sit on the boards of the big dictionary companies. They made it happen. I am stridently pro-Jewish as well as pro-Israeli, and yet I feel like a Nazi for saying this. I’m just stating the truth…

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