West Point feels that people who believe in “individual Freedoms” are now “far-right” groups who are akin to Al Qaeda

The polemic has now moved so far to the left, even in the USA, that they now publish reports like this. How tragic. When the US was built on a foundation of distrust of government, individual freedoms and a certainty that the tendency of governments is intrusion into the lives of the individual. Sadly, West point is proving the necessity for the very thing it seeks to suffocate in this report. I would hope even the reasonable who did not before agree with the skeptics on government would now realize that the center is now so far to the statist totalitarian left that it is nearly indistinguishable from the totalitarian right. Granted, not in actions. But the root philosophy which brings about the destruction of real liberties and reverses the priority from the individual to the state seems firmly in place now.


From Washington Times:

  • **FILE** A U.S. flag flies July 3, 2012, over a field during the Fanfare and Fireworks celebration at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla. (Associated Press/The Gainesville Sun)

A West Point think tank has issued a paper warning America about “far right” groups such as the “anti-federalist” movement, which supports “civil activism, individual freedoms and self-government.”

The report issued this week by the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., is titled “Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right.”

The center — part of the institution where men and women are molded into Army officers — posted the report Tuesday. It lumps limited government activists with three movements it identifies as “a racist/white supremacy movement, an anti-federalist movement and a fundamentalist movement.”

The West Point center typically focuses reports on al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists attempting to gain power in Asia, the Middle East and Africa through violence.

But its latest study turns inward and paints a broad brush of people it considers “far right.”

It says anti-federalists “espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights. Finally, they support civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government. Extremists in the anti-federalist movement direct most their violence against the federal government and its proxies in law enforcement.”

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35 thoughts on “West Point feels that people who believe in “individual Freedoms” are now “far-right” groups who are akin to Al Qaeda

  1. In the links above there are some excellent links to PDF downloads of studies that are currently in use as part of a program to poison/brainwash the minds of internal United States law enforcement officials/personnel as well as the minds of our future military leaders.

    The Department of Homeland Security authored the 9 page identification of what are considered to be the three greatest “domestic terrorist” threats to the United States of America in Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment

    This is the document that sent shockwaves throughout the United States as it identified veteran soldiers, returning active duty soldiers and men and women of Christian faith as the greatest “domestic terrorist” threat. Mention is also made of the genuinely obscene, psychopathic, murderous and vulgar, groups like the KKK.

    Another study, the “Contenders From The Sidelines” commissioned for the Combating Terrorism Center, a think tank associated with the prestigious United States Military Academy at West Point, warns of the threat posed by rightwing extremists .

    The general theme in both these studies, studies currently being widely employed by the United States government across all domestic law enforcement agencies and the military, is that the greatest threat to the current US administration comes from:

    1) Returning active duty US military personnel.

    2) US military veterans.

    3) Those who object to current US immigration policies such as the Dream Act and the conflicts arising from uncontrolled borders and mass illegal immigration.

    4) Those who are of the Christian faith. ( or derivatives of the same faith)

    5) Those who object to United States federal government policy and who, allegedly, capitalize on the disastrous effects of those same policies.

    6) Those who object to abortion.

    In reading these “studies” one is struck by what appears to be a lack of supporting evidence for the claims made relying instead on broad sweeping generalizations and a host of “alleged” actions or intentions.

    Of note is the extensive analysis of the KKK and this, in the same breath as returning veterans and men and women of the Christian faith.

    Conspicuously, and certainly predictably, is the glaring omission of any of the domestic terrorist groups within the United States that, owing to their favoured status, fail, in spite of their laborious and enthusiastic efforts, to qualify as “domestic terrorists”.

    The first one that comes to mind are the architects, Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, of the 1960’s to 1970’s group “The Weather Underground” This is a terrorist/anarchist group that ran rampant across the United States committing arson, terrorism, bombings, prison breaks and the far reaching subornation of subversion, treason and sedition. All of this in the name of “political activism”

    Not one single mention of them…..I imagine that owes in part to Bill Ayers current status as close advisor to Obama. By the way, both Ayers and Dohrn have never once apologised or retracted their publically oft stated, favoured position, of using violence, in any form, as a mechanism for political change. In fact, Bill Ayers is on record as, were he in a position of power, supporting the “elimination” of 25 million American “diehard capitalists” who stood in the way of his realization of the communist utopia.

    Also conspicuous in their absence are the legion of fanatical animal rights groups who have committed a laundry list of domestic terrorism in the name of the furry and the fuzzy. Groups like the Animal Liberation Front, Earth First, Earth Liberation Front and to some extent PETA, owed in part to PETA’s founder Ingrid Newkirk and her full and financial support of many of the aforementioned terrorist groups. Many of these groups have engaged and continue to engage in far reaching campaigns of criminality that include but are not limited to; arson, bombing, vandalism, economic terrorism, stalking.

    Missing also from the lists complied by the US Department of Homeland Security are the Occupy/99% crew and the damage that arose from their little political picnics held across the United States and Canada.

    Then one can ask where is the mention of the legions of seditious, and most certainly treasonous, communist and leftist members of the academia who spend their careers tilling the fertile ground of our young minds and sowing in the same the poisonous seeds of historical revisionism, Marxist propaganda, self loathing and a visceral, seething hatred of not only America and the West but of God fearing, conservative, men and women who put God, family and love of country first.

    I have saved the best, and certainly the largest, for last in the proverbial “elephant in the room” list is that of the complete ignorance of the domestic terrorist threat posed by Islam and Muslims. No mention is ever made as to the presence of muslim groups on campuses across the US that openly advocate not only breathing new life into the still warm embers of the Holocaust, but also call for the overthrow, by any means, of the US government, being replaced with an Islamic caliphate. Groups like the Muslim Students Union, The Muslim Students Association and so many others.

    No mention is made of the principals, both unindicted, accused and convicted in the Holy Land Foundation Trial and the recovered documents from raids associated with that trial. Documents that drip with a hatred of the United States and virtually all of her citizens. Documents that are literal blueprints, in clearly stated language, that illustrate the course of action to be followed in order to destroy the United States of America and render her little more than one of many defeated and destroyed Western nations, little more than a pathetic and amusing collection of culturally, economically and foundationally sodomized concubines serving an Islamic caliphate master.

    Let us conclude the list of the “ignored domestic terrorist threats” by examining the stunning multiplicity of so called Islamic “friendship, liaison and understanding” groups that infest the United States. Groups like CAIR, The Islamic Circle of North America, The Islamic Society of North America, The Muslim American Society and The Muslim Brotherhood, and that’s just the tip of the terrorist iceberg. Many of these groups have direct ties to Saudi Arabia and confirmed terrorist groups who are active in mass murder and bombings. In fact many of these groups, like CAIR, have had their senior members arrested, convicted, incarcerated and deported on terror related charges that include weapons and explosives offences, planning and attempting to execute terrorist actions and fund raising campaigns for terror activities and armaments. Not one single mention of this domestic terror activity in any of these obscenely subjective and biased “reports”.

    Wrapping up.

    In reading these two aforementioned “reports” and seeing the hostility of the US federal government as displayed toward the vast majority of its conservative citizens. Considering the emasculation of US law enforcement and its military through brainwashing, through historical and factual revisionism in conjunction with a vigorous sanitising of all referential and foundational publications, manuals and training materials, including all directives, administrative and operational policies and procedures, of any reference to Islam, Muslims, Islamists and jihad.

    Considering the lining of virtually every federal public office with Muslim Brotherhood operatives. Considering the White House and its direct assault on not only the 2nd Amendment but literally the entirety of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights, one can not help but come to the conclusion that the real enemy of the republic of the United States of America is not to be found in God fearing, conservative American citizens but rather those men and women, the very definitions of treason and fascist tyranny, who occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Can anyone clarify “far-right” in terms of statist totalitarianism? Seems to me it’s either totalitarian statist (collectivist totalitarian rule) versus consitutionally-protected individual freedom is the issue. The terms “left” and “right” seem meaningless. For example, it’s been stylish to define Nazism as “right-wing”, yet it’s difficult to differentiate between Hitler’s regime and Stalinism, except for the national and racist extremism of the Nazis. To describe both is a two-headed coin.

  3. @ Don Laird. Thank you for a frightening report. Anyone of minimal intelligence would be nauseated by it. America (and the rest of the Western World) seem to suffer an auto-imune disease.
    Help, where is Colonel West who, for a time, seemed to be a most articulate and courageous voice – have they silenced him too?

  4. @Rita, thanks for the kudo…..

    I sincerely hope Col. West is still around, I haven’t heard from him in a while…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. Don Laird says:

    “Then one can ask where is the mention of the legions of seditious, and most certainly treasonous, communist and leftist members of the academia who spend their careers tilling the fertile ground of our young minds and sowing in the same the poisonous seeds of historical revisionism, Marxist propaganda, self loathing and a visceral, seething hatred of not only America and the West but of God fearing, conservative, men and women who put God, family and love of country first.”

    I suggest you look no further than to those who wrote that report. This is a clear manifest of infiltration, sedition and treason. It basically turns everything we hold dear on its head.

    Its an Obama world!

  6. Off-topic, but I have just visited Gates of Vienna and, rather than the usual page, all I found was a message saying that the blog had violated Blogger’s policies, and its contents were available solely to its administrators.

    I smell a Norwegian, a Swedish and a British rats.

  7. @SheikYerMami…….

    It remains an Obama world for as long as we allow it so…….and not one injurious, vexatious and treasonous second longer……

    As the landing craft gates fell exposing our grandfathers to the withering hail of machine gun fire of the Germans……so too now our protective cloaks must fall…….the tyrant must be removed from the White House…..what was good enough for men and women greater than we could ever hope to be…..is good enough for us……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  8. @ProudKafir7908

    Its strange….I visited the GOV page yesterday and clicked on the “Holger Danske” links down the side and received a warning from “stopmalware.org” or “stopbadware.org”…….it prevented me from opening the page until I forced it to.

    I think what may be happening is that people are pulling the same shit they do with YouTube and falsely reporting the GOV page as downloading malware or malicious code…..if 20 or 30 muslims do this….the effect is the same….Google bans the page…..based not on fact or reality but simply on the number of complaints….

    The solution is to simply follow what Barenakedislam did and find a very secure hosting service in Israel……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  9. Thanks to Don Laird for breaking 150 pages down to the essential

    I “read” the report last night and it have a remarkable similarity to a Danish report on the same topic with the same conclusion, also written by a left leaning nutcracker.

  10. It wont be long before before the government of the USA declares decent Christians as enemies of the state. But before they can do that they have to disarm them. Meanwhile the US government is busy killing Christians and Christianity in the ME, using Islamists as their agents.

    Meanwhile, Islamic terrorism as usual is getting prime time, but has anyone noticed the way MSM journos pronounce “Islamists”? They pronounce is as “Islimists”. The subliminal message is that the terrorists have nothing to do with Islaam.

  11. As I posted some time back, the USA has become the main agent for the destruction of the West. It is my hope that this monster is destroyed before it destroys everything worth preserving.

  12. This has happened in America before. The US still retains the fractious immaturity that brought about 1776.The progressives of that time felt the need to destroy the conservatives as well. The conservatives who fought back were driven out and came north to eventually create Canada.

    We are certainly living in interesting times.

  13. I have been a fighter since jr High School. At the age of 18 I enlisted into the military. I served from 1995-2005, when in 2005 I was nearly killed, had to stay in a Government Hospital for another year. I got out, just in time to watch my father die of cancer 4 months after he retired. Even with my disabilities being an only child I helped to take care of my frail Mother. I ended up with %100 service connected disability. I never got around to filing for SSID because once you know what a %100 disabled vet earns you would see no need for yet more money to live a decent life. I never wanted to be nothing more than blue collar anyways. Perhaps both my arms being sleeved with tattoos certifies that.

    Anyways, I sided with the right since before 9/11/ Except that I am and have always been an Atheist. I took the insults by the right for not believing in their god with stride, and I read over and over again Right wing minded people accuse Atheists of being leftards and communists alligned with the islamists. (never mind I dispatched dozens of islamists off to allah myself with a hot barrel.)

    Since I have gotten out of the Military I have been harassed by my local police mainly because I have to take pain medication due to TBI, a back broken in multiple places, broken in splinters shoulder from a Helo crash, nerve damage, on and on. In 2011 I got arrested and spent 22 days in the county jail for carrying my daily supply of medication in a small sucrets container in my watch pocket. Even though I paid thousands for a lawyer the case boiled down to this:
    1. plead guilty and get out today, get back on your medication, get your apartment back, and spend a year on probation.
    2. plead not guilty and stay in jail for months, lose your apartment in the meantime, lose every possession I ever owned because the apartment complex would just throw my belongings in the dumpster, and maybe win a case stacked against me.

    Of course I had some common sense and took choice number 1. Now it is 2013, I got off a grueling and humiliating probation a couple months ago. My trust in Government is at an all time low. I recently got my passport, and I am moving to the Philippines soon. The recent gun grab attempt and constant villainization of Veterans is the last straw for me.

    I never failed my country, my country failed me. I live in a generation where not only do I not live better off than my parents, I live worse. Getting involved into politics I am attacked by the Left for being a warmonger and baby killer, and I am attacked by the right for not believing in any god or creator. I am attacked by my government for owning guns and being a disabled veteran. I go to my local military base and feel at home, and I go out in my neighborhood and I am surrounded by people who do not care about the Military, do not want to hear about the Iraq and Afghanistan war.
    Yet my life stopped that night when the road exploded underneath my vehicle. I got forced into being a civilian again, and as one I get no respect. So I am done. Beaten, perhaps to some, but with my health I cannot continue to fight. Especially when my local police puts me into a position where I lose a lot either way. Apparently the only way I could have my medication outdoors in my county was if I had all my scripts in the bottles properly marked, otherwise they assume I was selling them.
    So once again, I am out, I’m done. Good luck to all fighting the islamist threat and good luck fighting against ignorant liberals,

  14. @Disabled Veteran,

    If what you say is true, then you’ve done enough…….go put your feet up somewhere sunny and quiet…….and thanks for all you’ve done.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  15. Interesting thought. It is always assumed that the two great contemporary political revolutions in Western history – the French and the American ones, were for liberty and justice. This assumption of mine came about because of a great deal of extolling of the virtues of both.

    Latterly, I see that the French revolution destroyed the fabric and culture of France. France, once a great Christian culture, was left with nothing to believe in except empty slogans of “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” or death etc. The French revolution brought about the destruction of the educated, the cultured, and everything that made France a light of Western civilisation. The revolution destroyed Christianity – in fact engaged in pogroms and annihilation against Christians, and vandalized churches – a template for the lefist/Marxist totalitarians of the future. That is why all totalitarian ideologies, whether Marxist or Islamic, strive might and main to destroy all aspects of a people’s past culture and history. The French revolution, unleashed a tidal wave of terror, as well as destroyed the historic France.

    Its been downhill for France ever since. To be brave, one has to believe in something that transcends the material. France is in a very difficult situation, as the Norman Christians knights of old, are not there to defend it against Islam, as they once did.

    What about the American revolution? I wonder why Canadians did not rebel as well?

  16. @ Vlad and Eeyore,

    I notice GOV is down again…..

    This time the infraction is “violation of terms of service”.

    I was on GOV’s site the other day and went to click on one of the links running down the side of the main page. I clicked on the “Holger Danske” link and was immediately stopped with a notice that the page requested was an “attack page” and had been reported to either stopbadware.org or to stopmalware.org.

    In any case I pushed past the attack page warning and was fine.

    The reality is that this has become and increasing problem at the hands of the Left and the muslims who use every opportunity to saturate Google and or WordPress with hacking attempts or complaints. The end result is the same, Google and others have simply, not being at all concerned with the politics of free speech, chosen the path of least resistance.

    One can even find that same cowardice and indifference in Blogger and YouTube, where anonymous persons make arbitrary and capricious decisions at the behest of thin skinned muslims and lefties.

    The solution is quite simple.

    Pull all the banner ads off that are associated with Google. They don’t pay bugger all to begin with and one is constantly fighting with Google for pennies.

    Use the WordPress platform base for websites but don’t use WordPress as a host.

    Have your website hosted with a server located in Iceland or in Israel.

    Have the website mirrored in a couple of places so that when down with one access can still be made to another.

    Force Google, YouTube, Stopbadware, Stopmalware, Blogger and others to provide detailed and coherent reasons for putting strikes out on a particular account.

    There remains the alternative that one can also deal face to face with those who provide revenue to Google/YouTube……make the case for what is outrageous and ridiculous behavior on the part of Google…..make the relationship between Google and its customers strained, force Google to account for its actions.

    In the end, we were warned about allowing Google to become as big as it has, we were warned many many times and in great detail. We ignored those warnings an now look what we face.

    We face a corporation that agrees that “truth is hate”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  17. @Disabled Veteran
    Good Luck!

    @DP11 : You are right about these glorified “revolutions” – and Robespierre was a nasty piece of work, I think it’s thanks to him that we have the saying: “The revolution eats its own children” (I dont know if that is the correct translation). Lets hope that that so-called “left/islamic revolution” does just that!

  18. @Disabled Veteran who is quitting all of this

    I wish you the best of luck. I never had it as bad as your are now. But I was in a lot of trouble when the DMV made a mistake with my drivers license and it is a lot easier just to say, “guilty” even know it was the DMV’s clerical error. It is scary how the system actually works.

    BTW – I am agnostic but I am one of those people that insult atheists that attack religion in general. Because it is a belief just as a religion is.

    Agnostic = not knowing

    Atheists = knowing

    believer = knowing

  19. @DP1111 at the time of the American Revolution most of the people in Canada were French, they didn’t like the fledgling US because we have managed to defeat them in two wars, 1 without British support and 1 with British support.

    @Bl@ckbird you might look at the tyranny we were facing, although the current crop is much worse, before you say were were and are immature. Also look at the tyranny the entire anglophone world is facing because we have moved away from our heritage of freedom given us by our forefathers in Britain and North America.

  20. Agnosticism has to do with knowledge.
    Atheism is “just” a statement to wether the Theistic claims about god are right.
    Therefore, I am an Agnostic Atheist.
    I do not “KNOW” god does not exist. I believe that Theistic claims have not meet the burdon of proof because the evidence does not favor the Theist.

    So you kind of prove my whole point when you say you think Atheism is about knowing. Atheism ONLY regards Theistic claims nothing more. That is why I can be a Right wing Atheist.

    To others thanks and good luck.

  21. Anne Zelenski, a leftist feminist, contemporary and friend of Simone de Beauvoir, who now in her old age is fighting valliantly against the islamisation of France, and so has made, of course, many ennemies on the Left, said:

    Depuis 45 ans que je me bats…mon objective a toujours été, pas avec QUI je m’allies, mais POURQUOI je m’allies.

    Since 45 years that I do battle my objective has always been not with WHOM I connect, but WHY I connect.

  22. “What about the American revolution? I wonder why Canadians did not rebel as well?”

    There was no Canada, there were the Quebec French and the Acadian French and a handful of settlers from New Hampshire Throughout the Maritimes. And there was rebellion, Johnathan Eddy came out of the 14th colony (Nova Scotia, at that time all of the Maritimes) and went to Boston to seek support from the rebels in the capture of Fort Cumberland. The folks in Boston were leary of the proimity of the British Naval base in Halifax and offered Eddy nothing. Undetered Eddy returned to the Saint John river, raised a force and marched for Fort Cumberland picking up disgruntled Acadians and others as he could. The assault and seige failed and so ended thew revolution in the 14th colony. The rebels also sought to turn Quebecers to their cause but the French were well aware of the rebels view of the Quebec Act and so stayed neutral if not loyal.

    @Richard says:
    January 20, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    The revolution in America was baseless and foisted on the people. There was no tyranny unless God made free men free of taxes too. The rebels won the contest and wrote the history, but if you care to start digging into the old books and papers of non rebel sources, a very different story emerges than the Disneyesque mythology that has evolved. America was always going to be great but it birthed itself prematurely and has been paying for it in various ways since. Without the rebellion it it very likely there would be but one nation on this continent. Wiser and more powerful than what exists today. The story of the revolution is poorly know today. It is much more fascinating than what the rebel victors would allow.

  23. @BL@KBIRD You are reading very different books, first the colonies were forbidden to ship anything on colonial ships that hadn’t visited Britain, the British ships didn’t have to go home but could come directly to the colonies. Result the colonial shipping industry was strangled. Second the stamp act, every piece of paper in the colonies had to have a government stamp attached to it, result all the money in the colonies was to go to Britain. Third Britain had ordered the colonies to turn in their weapons, no self defense allowed.

    Check more then the Tory written books, you will be the one to learn things.

    Last trial by jury removed, any Kings officer could order people held without bail or trial until they were tired of them.

  24. @BL@KBIRD here is some more for you, the liberals of that time period were like today’s conservatives, and the conservatives were like today’s liberals. The Whigs in Britain thought that keeping the colonies poor with no industries was a very bad mistake, the Tory’s had ordered that all manufacturing in the colonies had to be stopped and all manufactured items imported from Britain. We also had no say in the laws or in our taxation because Britain refused to allow us to have anyone in Parliament.

    Maybe you call being considered unfit to have a vote or any rights no tyranny but I don’t.

    Oh people also had their farms taken to be given to rich people from Britain and if they objected they were hung.

  25. “Oh people also had their farms taken to be given to rich people from Britain and if they objected they were hung.”

    In reality the only people whose farms were confiscated were Loyalists. The rebels used the proceeds to finance the rebellion. All other complaints were about taxation or smugglers inability to get around the maritime trade laws in existence. The whole tea party thing was about smugglers being bankrupted by Britain cutting the tax on tea and undercutting the cheap Dutch crap smugglers like John Hancock had to offer. As I said, the winners wrote the history and the level of false Godly righteousness is in direct proportion to the illegal performance it was.

  26. Thank you all.

    What got me thinking was the way Obama is behaving as president of the US. In retrospect, all presidents, though politicians with political power, behave as if they were Caesars. The manner of entry of the president to the senate or congress, reminds me of the ceremony of Roman Caesar’s entry to the senate. Congress and senate go along with this charade. In Britain, the PM has no such “royalty” about him. He is mercilessly questioned and lampooned in parliament each week. The same situation pertains in all Anglophone countries of the old commonwealth.

    The other misgiving I have, is that no matter which president, one half of the people more or less, hate the president. This is not good, as the head of state should be a unifying figure, rather then a divisive one. The president is also head of the armed forces. If the armed forces view the president the same way as the rest of the population, it does not bode well for the US if a genuine internal crisis emerges.

  27. @BL@KBIRD

    What was John Hancock smuggling to be the wealthiest man in all the Americas at the time?

    The only thing he was ever accused of was not paying the duties on wine was importing off one ship. That trial was a show trial and they dropped their charges at the end of the trial.

    Do you believe in Global warming to?

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