Come visit Egypt! Its a RIOT!

Magic Martin just sent this riot video from Alexandria from yesterday and my  first thought was, “Hey! I recognize this street from last month’s riot videos!

Thanks to Islam, one can now learn to recognize many of the worlds major streets in exotic cities just from watching the constant stream of riot footage that comes out of these places on YT.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure yet what this riot is about but the beach looks like it could be really nice. Let’s hope someone sends a shot that includes the waves breaking on the sand.

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8 thoughts on “Come visit Egypt! Its a RIOT!

  1. “Come visit Egypt! Its a RIOT!”


    as to the reason for the riot: I did not hear one “allah akbua” …. so it could belong in the category: “I have something to say but I dont know what” – unless it’s against that nasty muslim head thug, Morsi.
    I also see that there seem to be no more young women on the streets in Egypt …

  2. I don’t envy the liberal Egyptians who are rioting these days. Imagine knowing that full Sharia law, with stonings, whippings, beheadings, and amputations, was inevitably going to be implemented in your country. Imagine knowing that there will soon be religious police everywhere making sure that you are never alone with a member of the opposite sex, or using the internet, or listening to music, or watching a movie, or drinking a beer. The Muslim Brotherhood has the legitimate democratic authority to do whatever it wants now, and those guys definitely want strict Islamic law.

    The Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini said, “There is no fun in Islam”, meaning that Islam was about obeying Allah’s will and had nothing to do with making your little life any better – that’s what the afterlife is for. Imagine if you didn’t even believe in Allah, but were facing a lifetime of fanatical Islam even though you have no interest in religion whatsoever. How would our young people take it if it was announced that all forms of fun were about to be outlawed, with strict draconian punishments being brought in for continuing to have unauthorized fun. Oh, yeah. And it also means no more hope of a decent economy or a job as the last of the tourist industry dries up and blows away. Did you see that young guy stumbling down the street screaming hysterically through his blown out vocal cords? That would be me…

  3. ALEXANDRIA – Part of Courthouse Burnt in Egypt Clashes

    A courthouse went up in flames in Egypt’s northern Mediterranean city of Alexandria during clashes between protesters and riot police Sunday, according to witnesses.

    The blaze destroyed part of the building, burning some files. A security official said unidentified assailants were responsible.

    This was the second straight day of clashes there ahead of the two-year anniversary of Egypt’s uprising that toppled longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak.

    Young men threw rocks at police, who responded with tear gas, outside the courthouse where six senior police officers were on trial for deaths of protesters during the nation’s 2011 uprising.

    Two years after the revolt was first sparked, families of the deceased remain frustrated over the pace of reform. Rights groups have criticized what they say remains a culture of police impunity.

    Two trucks that transport riot police was set ablaze outside the courthouse, which is near the Italian consulate, after Judge Mohammed Hammad Abdel-Hadi resigned from the case on Sunday. He did not say why he quit.

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