Jailing of blind sheikh pushes Muslim anger against US, warns son

Add this to the events in Benghazi and it starts to have a pattern.

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Ahead of President Morsi’s planned visit to Washington, the son of Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was convicted for planning the 1993 World Trade Centre, asks the US to free his father and warns of Muslim anger

Ahram Online, Saturday 19 Jan 2013
Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (Photo: Ahram Online archive)
The genuine, 'Bad Santa'

The genuine, ‘Bad Santa’

Abdullah, the son of the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, writes to request the US release his father, who has been serving a life sentence for allegedly planning the 1993 World Trade Centre attack in New York.In the press statement released in Arabic on Saturday, Abdullah says: “The American administration’s arrogance and stubbornness towards one of the Muslim world’s scholars, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, is putting the lives of its people at risk and costing them a lot.”

Abdullah goes on to justify violent attacks and the kidnapping of Americans by Islamist militants, such as Al-Qaeda, explaining that it is the US administration’s treatment of his father that “has pushed the Muslim youth to anger for the cleric.”

The murder of US ambassador Christopher Stevens to Libya in September during an attack by unknown armed men on the consulate in the city of Benghazi is one example Abdullah cites.

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5 thoughts on “Jailing of blind sheikh pushes Muslim anger against US, warns son

  1. If Santa Clause was a Muslim he would look just like that. Satan Claws.

    This looks like a good string to tug on for the ‘Slums. The stupid kaffirs will wonder and fidget about their policies on beloved Respected Muslim Scholars held in chains.

    Events seem well out of western influence for the moment and Islam will not be idle.

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